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    [COVID Games] [D&D Classic] [FG Unity] [6/27/2020, 11:00 PM, EST] – Classic D&D 1sho

    Title: Classic D&D
    FG ruleset: AD&D 2E
    FG Unity
    License type needed: a free/demo license. the GM has an Ultimate license.
    Start time and date and time zone: 6/27/2020 11:00 PM EST
    Duration: 2 hours link:
    Voice comm requirements: Voice required over Discord
    Other requirements:

    This is a one-shot introductory adventure of Classic Dungeons & Dragons. Prior knowledge of the game is not necessary to play and references will be provided for new players. It will be a one shot session and will last 3 hours long. I will run everyone through character creation at the beginning of the session. I will be using the AD&D 2E ruleset within the Fantasy Grounds app for convenience, but we will not be strictly playing 2e. I am actually completely new to Fantasy Grounds, so I'll mostly be using the app for dice rolling and sharing handouts.

    This is not a 5e game

    The only allowed class options are: FIGHTING-MAN, MAGIC-USER, CLERIC, THIEF, ELF, DWARF, and HOBBIT

    Familiarity with the ruleset is not expected and I will have references available for players. It is helpful if you are knowledgeable in some original D&D concepts such as descending Armor Class and Vancian casting. I will run everyone through character creation at the same time at the beginning of the session. I try to stay as close to the book with my rulings as possible, but the open nature of D&D means that there will always be the need for house rules. I have a huge list of house rules that I'll be using and some are available through handouts. If you don't read my handouts, and don't care to follow the house rules after I've explained them, you'll be booted from the game.

    Voice chat will be held in Discord, and a microphone is a requirement to play. All rolls will be handled within FG chat, dice rolled at home will not be allowed.

    Old school Dungeons & Dragons is very different from the modern game, and I hope to bring more players in to enjoy this unique experience

    Maximum number of players: 3-5
    Currently playing:

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    We spoke on discord - just touching base here that I'm interested and would like to join.


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    Welp, doesn't look like there's enough interest, so we won't be having this session

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    If you get this going, ping me I'm interested.

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    I'd like to play. Very familiar with 2nd edition, new to FG. Thanks!

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    Hey Fafast, If you are still looking to put something together, I'd be happy to join.

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    I am interested as well, grew up on ADND 2nd ed, would love to play the system again.

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    Hi. I'm interested as well. Weekdays work best for me.

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    Would like to join if this is still going

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