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Thread: 5E - Ancestry

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    5E - Ancestry

    Current Version: 1.0.0

    I created an extension for FGC and FGU to replace the terms "race" and "subrace" with "ancestry" and "heritage".

    Check it out at GitHub and please let me know if you have any comments or concerns.
    Hope it helps!

    Note to theme developers: If there is any interest in adding optional support for the sidebar buttons, this extension will detect the presence of icons named "button_ancestries" and "button_ancestries_down" and use those instead.

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    I'm running this now, will report any issues (cos I have lots of other extensions that might interfere).

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    Awesome, any feedback is appreciated!
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    Is this similar to Ancestry & Culture from Arcanist Press??

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    No, this extension simply updates the language used wherever it is encountered. There are no changes to the mechanics themselves as provided by the Ancestry & Culture publication.
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    I did some thinking and reading on this. As an IT guy, I'm always warning people not to use the same drop down for for different types of entities. Don't mix the type of building with who owns it, or who you are letting it to. But that does happen and is similar to what happened here. Some is nurture, some is nature, quite a few of what is what is world specific. So what ever label you put on it, it will never fit. And race is a sensitive label. It's good that there is a way to change it for those who want to. Some opinions can be found here in a thread on
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    I'm having an issue where this extension and Troy Monteith's Automatic Record Links cause all story entries to open blank. I've done some testing and both extensions work fine alone, but not in combination, with or without other extensions loaded.

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    One year to the day for the first bug report has to be some sort of record!
    I'll take a look and see about getting the conflict resolved, thanks for reporting it.
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    Cool, I thought I'd start with you before bugging Troy again, after asking about the ARL ext last week and embarrassingly realizing it was user error, lol

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    It occurs to me that I forgot to give a progress update here for any other interested parties. Troy Monteith has been super helpful and released an update to Automatic Record Links that resolves the conflict.
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