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Thread: RMC v2.1.5

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    RMC v2.1.5

    There is a new version, v2.1.5, of the RMC ruleset on the test channel now. It will also be pushed to the live channel on Tuesday.

    There are a couple new features added in this version that people have been asking for.

    You can now drop table results (attack, critical or fumble results) directly on tokens to apply them.

    Attacks can also be dropped on tokens or entries in the Combat Tracker. It will clear your current targets and set your target to the token/entry you dropped the attack on.

    Here is a complete list of the changes:
    RMC v2.1.5
    [Added] Ability to drop table results on tokens
    [Added] Allow attacks to be dropped on tokens and CT entries
    [Fixed] NPC attacks cannot be changed in CT when added from Encounters
    [Fixed] Script Error: [string "scripts/manager_utilities.lua"]:646: bad argument #1 to 'setValue' (number expected, got string)
    [Fixed] On CT alignment of titles in the defense area on the player side
    [Fixed] Arms Law Dagger fumble range
    [Fixed] Text issues in Character Law

    Please let me know if you encounter any issues or have any questions.


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    Fantastic! Thanks Dakadin!

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    Nice! Thanks Dakadin!

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    Hi everyone!!!

    I want to make a question about combat tracker and effects GMs are able to use (in addition to penalty, bleeding or sttuning). Have somebody a list of effects that can be written directly in the Combat Tracker?
    For example, if a player cast a Bless I, I could apply +5 to DB or to MM from the Combat Tracker writting "DB: +5" or similar? This will be useful because a GM could manage the duration for this effects from the Combat Tracker.

    Thank you in advance!

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    Hi Prunttonner,

    I've only really converted the effects from v1.8 over so far which was only bleeding, penalty, must parry, stun and stun no parry. I also added in the conditions like prone, unconscious, etc. but most of those are just for tracking purposes. I plan on adding extra effects to the ruleset but haven't had a chance yet. I am hoping to get most of them in v2.2 when I redo the character sheet spells tab.

    One thing that I was hoping to get into v2.1.5 is automatic range calculations and applying of modifiers. It ended up being more complex than I expected so I missed the deadline for v2.1.5 but I have it working now and it will be in v2.1.6. Here is a screenshot:

    I highlighted the range information. The button on the CT will display the ranges in the chat and the modifiers are automatically calculated based on the attacks range modifiers.

    Please let me know if you have any questions.


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    Wow, it will be a fantastic advance!!!

    Thanks for information!!!

    In the future I think that add some effects used by spells could be useful. For example, DB bonus, MM bonus or RR bonus. Currently I add spell effects manually to CT in order to track the duration of spells.


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    That is the plan. I wanted to wait until I could convert the spells to figure out what effects I would need to code into the system. I am planning on including them with the spells/spell lists so they can easily be applied. It is just going to take quite a bit of time to pull it off.

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