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    feature request please upvote - Display subclasses on character sheet


    Hi guys all the details for the request is in the idea i put forward. basically id like the character sheet to auto populate the subclasses chosen on the header in the character sheet. its a simple fix id like implemented. but currently if you edit that on the character sheet it can affect the coding of how some spells work. so its not viable. id like this change just to make it easier to reference as a player and for dms.

    its a small fix. but it would be better gui for people.

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    If you describe in each post what feature request is linked in that post like the first one, chances are better that people will click them. I'll vote for an idea which I think is a good one. I'm not going to open every feature request you post just because it's from you.

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    This would be nice. I've been wanting this one for a while. Just never asked for it. lol

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