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Thread: MGT2 v1.1.4

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    The 'standard font' you speak of; I had a moment this evening to look and the size is really small, hard on aged eyes. Is there a way to manually increase it on my end like a settings button? I don't see one. Is there a plan to allow vision impaired to improve the game accessibility regarding font size or perhaps bringing it up at least halfway to the previous size?

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    Quote Originally Posted by adzling View Post
    regarding systems Mbm; the two most helpful items would be the ability to add other planets in the system manually (i.e. add a line item with the secondary planet's UWP) and a data point for all planets that allows us to enter jump transit time to the planet in question.

    Other folks might have better ideas ;-)
    Concur with this point. I have a system with multiple planets in my game (it was a non-jump game series). Also of note the table doesn't fully render, the "T" in Tons is halfway cut off. Missing T.PNG

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    Quote Originally Posted by MadBeardMan View Post
    1.1.3 is the current LIVE version
    1.1.4 is the current version getting ready for TEST

    Next version post 1.1.4 will be 1.2.X which will be the versions that start to support Spacecraft CT, first as an extension then once I'm happy it'll roll into the main code.

    So like 1.1.X which added rules based on CSC, 1.2.X will be HighGuard and 1.3.X will be Traveller Companion.

    Though as I've said a few times, I play this game and if I feel a book/rule is needed for my game, it goes up the list, for example, I use parts of Traveller Companion so support for the new Characteristics may well arrive in 1.2.

    I have found a couple bugs with 1.1.4. Where do I post them ?


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    Quote Originally Posted by Xargun View Post
    I have found a couple bugs with 1.1.4. Where do I post them ?

    Can post any MGT2 bug to this thread:

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    Quote Originally Posted by esmdev View Post
    Can post any MGT2 bug to this thread:
    Excellent thanks... posted the two bugs we found last night.


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