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    I know it was already talked about but...

    I'm a linux user, don't have windows anymore at my home. I'd like to sue FG but cannot let it work under any emulation.

    Tried wine.
    Tried cedega
    Tried qemu to emulate winxp, but it doesn't have directX support
    Tried vmware with directX support but anyway it crash.

    Just to let you know that there will be another user for a crossplatform FG.

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    I'd like to sue FG...
    I think you meant use fg

    I agree, a Linux capable version would be a beautiful thing. As it is FG is the cornerstone of why I have a windows box.

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    We are going to try running FG2 under Ubuntu 7.04 using either Wine or Cedega in the near future to see where the problems are.
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    Funny, no response!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sigurd
    I think you meant use fg
    I'd like to use FG too (who'd sue a gaming company - they never have any money), and am in similar position to Serf. FWIW my FG is installed under Win2K in a VMware 6 (beta) virtual machine. I get a "failed to initialize directX" error followed by a crash any time I try to load something. I -did- manage to connect to my GM's server and to DL his rules and other updates, the crash happens when I it tries to load the page.

    Good luck on the bug hunt

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