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    Fantasy Grounds II to be released on Monday 23rd

    I am very happy to announce that Fantasy Grounds II will be released on Monday, as some of the readers have already guessed. This version represents a major effort on our part to improve the performance of the software and take the customizability and usability aspects to an entirely new level.

    The installation will automatically detect an existing version 1 installation, and use the old license. FG2 will install in parallel with an existing FG1 installation, in case you wish to smooth out the transition from a running campaign.

    The actual data files will be delivered using the updater service that is new with version 2. It is possible that congestion at the time of the release and for a period after that will cause a heavy load on the updater service. We will be monitoring the situation. If you experience problems, please wait until a bit later to try again.

    Version 1 will not be available from our store after the release.

    Knowing that this is a huge update, and the campaigns some users run contain large amounts of data, I would also like to advice you to make a backup of your campaigns before moving them over to the new version. Making parallel installations should take care of this. We are more confident than ever that the new version will perform as expected, but any possible critical issues regarding this will be reported on the message boards and remedied as soon as possible.

    Finally, I would like to pass a huge thank you to our beta testers on behalf of SmiteWorks! You guys will need to run the installation process as well, due to some compatibility differences with the last test version.
    Tero Parvinen
    Fantasy Grounds Guru

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    Congratulations to the development team on the upcoming release. It must be a huge weight off of your shoulders. From what I have been able to play with in the beta test I'm sure everyone will realize that it was worth the wait. I'm sure there will be some that complain, but for the most part I think everyone will be impressed.

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    I'd offer to help share the load of the downloads as I have a server that can handle some (if the traffic is under like, 10 gigs a month or something)
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    The Smiteworks guys have been working like Goblin Slaves on this. They've done an excellent job.

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    Amazing job SW. I'm downloading it as we speak. I can't wait to run a campaign with it

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