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    Quote Originally Posted by Dtom1962 View Post
    Oddly playing a personal conversion of 4e Scales of War in 5e. Loved 4e. I run a DnD club in the school where I work, and the kids loved 4e. It;s the power cards. Shame the combat was soooooo long. House ruled that bad boy.

    I'd be interested in knowing what House Rules you had to reduce the lengthy combat time. For me it's the huge number of Hit Points that everything has, though Peons having just 1 are fun.


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    Nothing Earth shattering.
    Reduce all HP by 2/3rds
    Had a +1 bonus token if a PC could complete their entire turn in 1 minute and a -1 for over 2 minutes.
    Also as a Dm, never grind the obvious. If your big bad is losing, and it clear that they will lose, either have them flee or die.
    This is particularly the case with Elites and Solos

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    Is it possible to include Milieu as a selectable field in this so you could if need be pull out data from those different Milieus if you wanted to?

    Alpha Crucis for example has data for 4 Milieus on TravellerMap.

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    Just as a side thought, could you not just use the 4 letter codes for the Sectors (SPIN - Spinward Marches) and the Susbector letter (A-P) for the Subsectors. Wouldn't that get round errors encountered when looking at oddly named places that use * and ! ?
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    Morning All,

    The folks at TravellerMap have fixed their error, you can now pull down the system data for: I'Sred*Ni Heptad

    And there is what it returns!

    Miramon Luagor1724 D686430-5 W Ni Ga Pa SredW 600 IS F2 V M5 V
    Fueris 1725 C301335-7 J Ic Lo Va SredW 420 IS G3 V
    Quintana Roo 1728 C5A0520-8 W He Ni SredW 730 IS M5 III M1 V
    Quatal 1729 D5515A9-5 Ni Po SredW 100 IS F6 V
    Tierce 1823 C434569-9 Ni O:1522 700 Na M2 V M4 V
    Signature 1825 B899674-8 KW Ni SredW 700 IS F5 V M0 V
    Sixtol 1826 E549777-5 J Pi SredW 530 IS G0 V
    Akarana-Zaman 1827 B969667-8 Ni Ri SredW O:2 210 IS F9 V
    Ydrogg 1829 C76A434-8 Ni Wa 300 Na G1 V
    I'sred*ni Nest1923 D68398D-7 Hi Pr Pz SredW A 333 IS K8 V
    Septime 1925 E573689-6 Ni SredW 820 IS F1 V
    Kroks 1926 X000379-7 As Lo Va Fo R 130 Na M3 V M8 V
    Dust 1927 X000789-7 V As Na Va Pi Fo R 500 Na K0 V
    Octave 1928 E774497-6 Ni Pa SredW 730 IS F5 V
    Splendide Mend1930 D964168-7 Lo SredW O:2026 800 IS F8 V
    I'sred*nixtu 2022 A00098D-C As Hi In Na Va A 302 IS G5 V
    Revoc Knarr 2023 C738340-7 KW Lo SredW 930 IS F1 V M0 V
    Konichiwa 2024 B576100-8 J Lo SredW 800 IS F5 V
    Pittler Pidofa2025 X000100-7 V As Lo Va Fo R 720 Na M1 V M9 V
    I'Sred*Nispr 2026 A675879-C Pa Ph Cx Pi Pz A 932 IS F1 V M0 V M0 V
    Aichi Ban 2027 X050000-0 As Ba De Po Fo R 030 Na M3 V
    Seconde 2028 B413413-8 Ic Ni SredW 820 IS K2 V M1 V
    Horvendi 2029 C849520-A Ni 400 Na F2 V M4 V
    I'Sred*Nity 2030 A746261-C V Lo SredW O:2026 203 IS F0 V
    Jiird 2123 D988678-3 Ag Ni Ri SredW 900 IS F0 V
    Nead Lelan 2125 E695000-0 Ba 010 IS F9 V
    Station Three 2126 E050150-7 As De Lo Po 810 Na F4 V
    Omiatenieu 2127 X000573-7 V As Ni Va Fo R 710 Na M2 V M3 V
    Nuit Alanche 2128 E767AA6-7 Hi Ga SredW 430 IS F0 V
    Miskekopke 2130 E869000-0 M Ba 000 Na G2 V M4 V
    Rolk 2221 B85997B-A Hi SredW 110 IS F9 V
    Tryllandianne 2223 C553430-8 Ni Po 220 Na F5 V
    Qwertyuiop 2225 B8B1346-9 Fl He Lo SredW 200 IS M1 V
    Wurger 2226 E410300-9 Lo 520 Dw M0 III
    Cibola 2227 B777320-A KV Lo SredW 410 IS F7 V
    Stagatz 2229 C62698D-A Hi In Pz A 122 Na F7 V
    Citadel 2324 D410383-7 Lo SredW 332 IS M1 V
    I'Sred*Nitlal 2325 C436361-6 Lo SredW O:2022 610 IS G3 V
    Cral 2328 E658000-0 Ba 010 IS F6 V M3 V
    Sundance 2329 D432461-6 Ni Po O:2229 810 Na M0 V M1 V
    I'Sred*Nilun 2424 A67A361-C Lo Wa SredW O:2 501 IS F3 V M5 V
    Seredak 2425 D635720-6 SredW 200 IS K2 V M4 V
    Lost Enigma 2426 C598843-5 Pa Ph Pi 910 Na F0 V M9 V
    Omega 18 2427 D552340-7 Lo Po SredW 410 IS F8 V M5 V
    I'Sred*Nillol 2428 A7755A9-C Ag Ni SredW 311 IS G4 V

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    Quote Originally Posted by bsycamore View Post
    Is it possible to include Milieu as a selectable field in this so you could if need be pull out data from those different Milieus if you wanted to?

    Alpha Crucis for example has data for 4 Milieus on TravellerMap.
    Yea, well TravellerMap API is pretty clunky, so I'm keen to get the T5 data and I manually edit that. I have plans for lots of tools, but gotta finish the ruleset first.


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    Quote Originally Posted by MadBeardMan View Post
    Yea, well TravellerMap API is pretty clunky, so I'm keen to get the T5 data and I manually edit that. I have plans for lots of tools, but gotta finish the ruleset first.

    I used the api to pull all the traveller map data down for milieu 1105 and put it into a spreadsheet. Its all cleaned up and I am planning on putting it into a module with notes etc., You are welcome to the raw data or, if you want, the expanded data which generates all the missing items using MGT rules with some T5 top ups where MGT2 is lacking. I am using the MGT2 trade codes in the rework data, but the raw data still has the T5 trade codes.

    best regards


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    Good evening,

    I am trying to make a “simple” app that handles getting the data from the Traveller API and an xml from Fantasy Grounds and then when that works porting it into Fantasy Grounds as an extension for my buddies.

    I have the data calls in C# already done in my app. I am running into a couple of issues and it may be because I am newer to the API/system in general so please bare with me:

    API related question:
    Some of the data seems “dirty” when I did a pull. Eg universe says Langer is a sector but sector data doesn’t pull. There’s also a duplicate Langere. Is there a fix for that?

    When I was trying to pull data from the API it seems like a “subsector” is a world or planet, but then subsectors have subsectors. Is there a way to translate that into worlds? I know the traveller map has a companion website but there seems to be data issues (like the one above) with it as well. Is there a clean way to do that?

    The eventual end goal would be the DM could just pick one person doing astrogation and a character doing pilot along with different options along the way. It wouldn’t like display the map as people would still have to know which world they go to and read the map etc but it would alleviate a lot of number crunch.

    Lastly as a seemingly unrelated question but I need to know for the encounter step. The idea is that a D66 is rolled and then a modifier is applied to the first number. If that modifier is negative four and the player rolled two ones how does one find a -31 on the encounter table?



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    MGT2 Traveller space is developed in a relatively organized fashion. From biggest to smallest it goes like this.

    Space (Everything)
    Domain or regional equivalent (contains 4 sectors)
    Sector (contains 16 subsectors)
    Subsector (contains 80 hexes and a variable number of systems)
    Hex/System (Smallest normal element)

    In MGT2 system information represents the solar data, the main world, scout/navy services, and the presence of a gas giant. There is no method provided to determine full in-system data (other planets, how many gas giants, how many belts, where they are in proximity to the habitable belt, etc). Since the MGT2 is a small subset of the T5 data contained in travellermap, it has to be filtered down to import into the ruleset system information.

    The information found at is formatted for the T5 version of Traveller. T5 contains a comprehensive system for developing quite a bit of system and in-system data. However, the license for this ruleset is MGT2 so as a result most of the T5 data would need to be added in some way or another into notes in order to be available.

    As for the API, since Langere is both a system and a sector, you would want to want to explicitly pull the sector information to avoid just getting the individual system:

    Hopefully this is helpful.

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