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    As much as its work im ok with controlling or taking on most of the things us DMs have always done.

    But in my avernus game i gave control of lulu over to a player who is likely the best roleplayer in the group and zo far it seems she really likes it. I feed her some extra info in whispers to aid her capturing the correct mood lulu would have or thoughts she has. However my player does the rest.

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    I like to give bonuses instead of penalties. Players remember when they have bonuses, not so much when they have penalties. Also, when you come up with a puzzle you don't need to know the solution, Let the players come up with something and if it sounds like it would work go with that. I had a group that whenever people started getting sidetracked, somebody would put their hood over their head and everyone else who noticed followed suit. This became known as the "Hood of Digression" and was a funny way to get everybody back on track without being naggy.

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