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    Changing Attack tables in Encounters

    iI'm working on a large encounter of 20+ NPCs for a test. 10 of the NPC are 1st level thieves. I would have all of them using daggers and short bows. When I hover over the bag for the melee weapon and missle weapon, the pointer does not change to a hand and allow me to edit the attack type. However, when I do the same for the one 10th level Thief Leader and the 7th level Thief XO, I am able to edit. Is it possible to mass edit weapons attack tables? Or must they be changed one at a time?

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    Hi DodjerArtfell,

    Check if the lock icon is locked in the upper right corner. If so it won't let you make those changes. If it is red then just drag a copy to the NPCs sidebar list or the Combat Tracker and you should be able to click it to open it. Also you can drag weapons directly to the attacks section on the NPC sheet to add those weapons and then you usually only have to change the OB.


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    Yeah They were unlocked. The only option that worked was to drag the item onto the NPC sheet, add the OB back in, and delete the old "melee" or "missle" entry off the npc sheet. The positive note is that by dragging, the entry for attack type is already listed for the correct weapon! Thanks again!

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    Thanks for the additional information. I will look into it.

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