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    Custom ruleset, downloading,

    If a player connects to a host who has a custom ruleset and the host's ruleset files have a virus, would the player get the virus as those files are transferred to his computer? I ask because my HD became unreadable whilst playing FG, it could have been due to a virus and while I emailed FG support, they have not replied yet. I want to know about this, because it may determine whether or not I continue to use the program.

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    Very, very unlikely. There's no binary files downloaded, except images, when transferring rule-sets, so it is extremely unlikely that this was your infection vector. Granted, there's a rare GDI+ issue concerning images which used to affect some programs, mostly Microsoft's, but this was patched as a critical update in Microsoft Update about a year ago, so for this to have been a threat, both these things would have to be true:
    - Your PC hasn't visited Microsoft Update in a year and has automatic updates off. Very unlikely.
    - Fantasy Grounds uses GDI+ and was affected by the image buffer overflow. Even more unlikely, especially since it's a DirectX program and probably uses its own image routines.

    Short version: No, rulesets cannot carry an infection.
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    Thank you very much for the reply. It seems then that the source of the infection - assuming it was a virus that crashed my HD - came from elsewhere.

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    Personally I would add a few more "verys" to very unlikely. There are just so many other things that could have caused you hard drive to get scrambled. I am presuming you have a modern OS and it is properly patched - but even it wasn't then it would still be just *so* farfetched.

    It is just so much more likey you had something like write ahead caching and locked up, a power dip or your hard drive simply failed.

    What is not as farfetched is that many people turn off all their security when they run a server and that is just silly, and flat dangerous if they are not patched up and their network is not configured correctly. If you are playing FG you are playing for *hours* and the server computer is asking for trouble if it has no security. While it is unlikely FG would pass an infected server virus' around an IM or e-mail sent to the players certainly might.
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    I agree with Griogre. FG doesn't require the person hosting to use their router's DMZ or to deactivate their software firewall.

    In this particular case, I don't know of any way that FG could have caused the problem. Sounds like a coincidental hardware failure or power fluctuation. If it was a virus, it would probably be a fairly old one (at least a few years) because malware authors write viruses for profit rather than sport these days, and there's no money to be made in trashing someone's HD.

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