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    One thing I wished wed thought about for my own group was all the Players(lifelong buddies) buying a single Ultimate license for the GM, instead of going it alone and buying single $40 STD licenses by the GM and All players.

    its fine if only working with 2 players, but we had 7, and the cost would have been so much cheaper had we been smart about it = $140 vs $280...

    We did warn the players to buy when the licenses were on sale for $10, but gamers and their usual procrastinating ways...still, calculating how much enjoyment a license is used for, it eventually translates to pennies on the dollar for the purchase value.

    Good luck and much success!

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    Thanks Guys!

    There is only 3 of us so standard licenses would be less expensive right now but I do like the idea of Ultimate as it creates more flexibility overall... Money is an issue for me right now though so I will have to think about it!

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    I was just looking through these forums for a rolemaster game! I loved the system and how flexible it was to defining your own class. Did you ever start a group? Are you streaming games? I have free time (pandemic here in Az, fun fun.

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    Hi, it has been a few years since I ran RMC on FGC. I recall that it took me a few combats to get my legs under me, but after that, I was told by some tabletop vets that I was able to run combat as fast as multi-year vets at the table. Overall, I had a blast. So what I am saying when you first get into it, it will feel awkward, but keep going, you will get more efficient.

    I likely need to pick this back up.
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    You can run with multi-year vets combat as fast as pathfinder sometimes. That is something paper and pen would never be able to do.

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