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    SavageWorlds vs SWD


    I'm new in FGU.
    First : i want to thank all people for this tools, it's great !

    I have bought the 2 ruleset of Savage Worlds to be sure i have all the ruleset i needed.
    When i create a campaign i have this : savage.PNG

    Which one is Deluxe Edition ?
    Can you add in the RuleSets list more informations ? SavageWorlds or SWD is not enough to know and it's a bit confusing.
    I know i can read the true version after the campaign is loaded, but it will be nice to have this information before creating the campaign.

    Last question : Which version is better ? I want to use it with Shaintar and i tested both, but i cannot see a difference.

    Thanks , regards.

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    Savage World Deluxe is SWD. SavageWorlds is SWADE, the newest edition. From most people's point of view including mine, SWADE (SavageWorlds in FG) is better. Since SWADE is still relatively new, most existing product (both in FG and offline) was created for SWD (or an even earlier edition). The good news is that the changes between editions is small compared to some other systems, so the older material is largely compatible although you will need to account for some changes manually. For example, SWADE did away with the derived stat Charisma and any Edges that modified Charisma in the core rules now generally apply a flat bonus to Persuasion rolls. It's been awhile since I looked at Shaintar, but if it introduced any new Edges or racial abilities that modify Charisma, you would need to determine how to handle that in SWADE. Some companies have produced free guidelines for updating their older material to SWADE, while many more have not. You can download a list of the changes between SWD and SWADE from PEG's website. You can always just run it in SWD, but you are then missing out to the numerous improvements in SWADE. If you are new to both, that may not be that big a deal. However, going forward, all new settings will be produced for SWADE. Also, I'm not sure if you are planning to run this for an existing group of want to recruit from here on the forums and/or elsewhere, but anyone looking to play Savage Worlds these days is probably more interested in playing SWADE than SWD.

    You can also join the Savage Mojo Discord to ask folks there for help specific to Shaintar.
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    Welcome to FG! @mac40k answered most things but I felt I should also mention that buying either one of the Savage Worlds packages gets you both rulesets, but only the books for the specific ruleset (ie. if you only got SWD, you get both rulesets but only the SWD books). As @mac40k stated, Savage Worlds Adventure Edition (SWADE) is the newest edition, is 99% backward compatible with Deluxe (SWD) and will be getting all the attention and features going forward. So if you're not interested in keeping the older SWD books, you can request a refund for the SWD package and continue your adventures in SWADE.

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    Thanks a lot for your replies.

    I know what to do now

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    Quote Originally Posted by mac40k View Post
    You can download a list of the changes between SWD and SWADE from PEG's website.
    I skimmed through PEG's website but I did not find a list of the changes between SWD and SWADE: could you give us the link?

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    Thank you zarlor (you are always helpful)

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