Buy things when you want folks. Just remember even though we've got all the hardbacks here to make sure it's on FG it all has to be done again. Some books don't take much time, ie Behind the Claw, about 100 hours I think, some books take ages CSC 400-500 hours total, some don't take that long, High Guard 80 hours but then it needs ruleset work.

Now adventures, they take very little time, maybe one of two evenings (8 - 10 hours), and 5 adventures sell for the same price as one book, yet done is half the time and no ruleset work.

So just remember, when you buy something, it's taken a lot of time but I get some beer money so we're all good!

Oh and don't forget that Lord Nanoc gives up his time to test things, and so on.

I love Traveller, long may it live!