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    Quote Originally Posted by twistedtechmike View Post
    It's disappointing RDP doesn't hold up over sessions. Screenconnect works flawlessly, but I prefer the speed/response of RDP which leaves me in the same situation you're in. For the time being, I just open when I need to make changes, then close before I disconnect.
    RDP can maintain the session if you use the console (mstsc /admin), unfortunately it does not solve the issue of FG freezing when you close your connection. So the only solution when I log back is to kill FG and re-launch it. That's annoying especially since the DB becomes corrupted and cannot be auto-recovered too often.

    The only solution I have found to prevent DB corruption is to put back FG in window mode instead of full screen before I quit the session. This does not prevent FG from freezing, but it does close far more nicely by using the windows closure than by killing it with the task manager (only solution if full screen).
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    Quote Originally Posted by Milmoor View Post
    Not yet, since I was hoping to fix RDP. But it's quite probably the easy way out. I know Teamviewer is used for this as well (saw it mentioned in a thread somewhere).
    Did you had any opportunity trying it ? I suspect it will not work because the issue is FG's handling of the interface. But would love to be proved wrong. Also there is no match for RDP efficiency so I wonder if the rendering of the interface is OK with another tool

    Quote Originally Posted by Milmoor View Post
    A more complex "solution" is doing tempory RDP to permanent running RDP.
    Reached the same conclusion But before fetching around $100+shipping on ebay for an IP KVM I was checking this forum to see if anyone had found a more elegant solution to fix this annoying issue.

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    I'm currently just restarting FGC if this happens since I plan to switch to FGU in the coming months. I hope that one doesn't have this issue. For the restart itself: Windows-D will show you the desktop. Right-click on the taskbar on the FG entry and close it. That way it will shut down gracefully. You will need to be in full screen for this, otherwise you'll see your own desktop.

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    For the record, I setup TeamViewer and it works like a charm
    I feared the performance issue but it is OK, and more importantly the FG interface do not crash when I'm restarting a session I left some time ago.

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    Switched to FGU recently, and RDP is working again. Teamviewer worked most of the time, but I got lost once in a while. It has it's own peculiarities. Glad RDP works again.

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    I may need to test again then. So you can disconnect/reconnect and FGU continues to operate without issue?

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    Yep, everything works just fine.

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