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    Quote Originally Posted by stephan_ View Post
    As there seem to be a lot of pregens signed up for Q9: Is there more interest in Q1 or Q4?
    I've played both of those already with the character I'd like to credit Q9 (and Q10) to.
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    Alright, with that we'll stick to Q9.

    The server is up.

    I had some audio issues with Teamspeak yesterday, should they persist, we may have to switch to the official FG Discord.

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    Switching to Discord (game room 10).

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    Chronicle draft sent - though be sure to have a closer look on the chronicles as that was a larger quantity of similar chronicles...

    Most likely no game net week, after that Origins Online.

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    I'm interested, First time playing online with this program, but Played pathfinder v1, will play a halfling ranger probably

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    Hi, this one was already run on June 7th but I recommend subscribing to the PF2 game announcement thread.

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