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    Do you remember the original Blue Box Basic Set?

    So, i have read quite a few sites, but cant seem to find this info.

    Most orignal blue box basics came with B1...mine did not, it came with B2.
    I was young back then, so was baffled at why i had TWO B2 modules that were slightly different.

    Some of the artwork was even different, and a few? of the rooms were differently keyed.

    Have never been able to find the other version.
    Surely this is not some clouded memory...
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    There were at least two B1 printings with different covers. They often redid printings since they burned through them so fast I’d guess.

    I seem to recall 2 different B2s in the Goodman reprint. I can’t say for sure as I never owned the Basic game. I started around then in ‘79 but went to 1e PHB then.

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    I could be wrong but the first D&D Basic was the Blue Box, then the Pink Box and then the Red Box.
    But this was the original box set!

    Although there might be an even older Brown Wooden Box version...


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    I think the big hardcover Goodman games version has the answers i am looking for but not sure i need to own that just to answer my own question.
    I have found sites that go into details about OTHER modules that had reprints, but this first one seems to elude me haha.

    And i belive your order is correct Damned!
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    Grimm182, Try reaching out to DMDavid: https://dmdavid.com/
    He is the best historian of D&D that I am aware of and I bet he can answer your question. He doesn't make his email public but he responds to comments on his "about" page.

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