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    Quote Originally Posted by Zygmunt Molotch View Post
    ah I'm wrong, sorry
    they're in Ultimate Equipment, listed as 5gp, but it's their notes field that is +2d4 and so on (and that wont affect it as it's purely notes)
    scratch that, their value was listed as 5 gp, can't be that then!
    must have been the hats!
    If you give the update another shot and still have errors, you can just send me your DB xml file. I can see what alternative formatting might exist in it (since I know what the extension is vulnerable to).

    Unrelated note: v1.6.2 is now out with a new option to enable/disable the messages in chat about misconfigured items (if you don't care and don't want to empty the cost field for that item or enter a specific value).

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    I am starting to ask all community developers to consider making an explicit licensing statement on their work. It helps future community developers honor your wishes in regards to your work. Their is a discussion and some suggested licensing statements here; On Licensing & Distributing Community Content. Thanks for your contribution and for considering adding a licensing statement to your original post

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    v1.7.0 now has total character wealth, along with the inventory total
    This saves you all the math of adding coins of different values! Currently supported: gp, pp, sp, cp, ep.

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