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    Is there some type of stronghold or keep type of tab for D&D games or any other game?

    So I'm reasonably new to using FG for DMing but something I want in my 3.5/pathfinder campaign is player owned strongholds or keeps, land or property that has special meaning for them, be it ancestral land that they own or a shop in town they lease. But I have not found anything while searching to see if FG can handle this, the specific rules book that I will be using is the Stronghold Builder's Guide from 3e I think it might be 3.5. I'm just looking for a place in the application that can handle this type of information record keeping that's not equipment preferably a tab.

    Thanks in advance for any help.

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    There isn't a good place on the character sheet, but you can use the Player Agency extension to do it:

    This extension adds the ability for the DM to create organizations, groups, people, and places which the players can also add notes to and interact with. Unlike normal story elements that only the DM can modify. Also you can keep somethings secret and others public. Similarly there is an Investigation option for one of the players to have full control and the rest of the group can make notes on the full writeup.

    The videos in the linked thread do a better job of explaining it.

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    Matt Collville has release this module for use with dnd for making strongholds

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    Quote Originally Posted by feelej25 View Post
    Matt Collville has release this module for use with dnd for making strongholds
    That doesn't have a character sheet for kingdoms. I have the module and it does have rules for PCs owning strongholds, but it doesn't have a different character sheet.

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    I think most of teh data on your Stronghold would be able to find a home in Player Agency -> World Builder.
    If there are more fields that would make sense I would consider adding them in.

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