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    Modifying the NPC Stat Sheet (5e)

    The NPC stat sheets in 5e has a small bullet/tickbox for reactions.
    I'd like to add another 3 of these (via lua functions) onto the stat sheet to help keep track of certain abilities.

    So my question is, in where do I need to be looking in the 5e scripts for this?

    Cheers, Steve.

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    I meant to say the NPC info in the combat tracker, not in the NPC stat sheet :S
    I'd like to be able to add a 3 button tickbox much like the ammo counter on a PC sheet, into the NPC info on the combat tracker to help track ability usage of things like legendary resistances, and possibly NPC ammunition/resources.
    I pretty much have an idea of how the behind the scenes lua code will work, but I have zero experience in manipulating the CT or any XML for that matter.
    I need a proper good shove in the right direction regarding that. If anyone can spare the time and wouldn't mind what will undoubtedly be stupid questions, some help in this matter would be greatly appreciated.

    Cheers, Steve.

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    It would first be best to have a text editor with a 'find in files' option. This would allow you to search files for keywords and get you to the file and line number that it would appear. You have provided the first clue where to look, the combat tracker. Combat Tracker files are in the 'ct' folder. A good place to start would be the ct_host.xml file since the host would show all the elements the host (GM) would see. After further looking through the file, the ct_entry windowclass contains the Offense section that has the reaction button you were looking to locate. Now, if I had a text editor that had further ability to search in files, I would do a search for 'reaction' on the unpacked 5E ruleset folder. It will give me many results, but knowing the general location of what I am looking for, it would cut down on the possible locations.

    Hope this helps gets you started.
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    Have a look at how spells are tracked for NPCs. Thats probably a good starting spot.

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    Thanks Siperteddy & Damned,
    That's about where I'd got to before I hit a roadblock (read as 'ran out of talent' :P )
    I'll dig a bit deeper and see if I can't get any further now that I've had some sleep

    Cheers, Steve.

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