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    Loking for player's for Dragon of Icespire Peak and storm king's thunder 5e.

    FG License: i have ultimate license (classic).
    Game System: 5e.

    Time Zone: CET
    Day of week and time: saturday, 12.00 a clock
    Planned start date: First Saturday after I get enough players.
    Planned Duration & Frequency: every Saturday(I know that somtimes people got other tings to do and i understant that as long it is not every Saturday). Planned Duration: Abut 8-9 hours but i am open for discussion
    Term: At least until we are finished with Dragon of Icespire Peak and preferably until we are finhised with storm king's thunder.

    Text or Voice: voice i really do not like text.
    Voice software used: Discord.
    Will this be recorded and/or live streamed?: No.

    Roleplay & Combat mix: i would say a bit more combat than roleplay.
    Number of Players in game & needed: i am looking for 4 to 5 players. curently 4/5
    Character starting level & equipment: level 1 with standart equipment.
    Character restrictions: my restrictions are simple if it is in the Forgotten Realms(Main source books) than it is not problem. if it is from another source book, unearthed arcana, or homebrew, Talk to me. There is also som feats i do not allow.

    And my sales pitch for the adventure. Dragon of Icespire Peak is a beginer adveture in the Forgotten realms (more specificaly the Sword coast) for 5e, the Forgoten realms is what i would say is a clasic high fantasy setting with swords, magic and adventure but it is not that importand to know a lot about the lore i would say. and Storm King's Thunder well you can say it take's a small adventure for apprentice adventures into a tale of gigantic proportion's litterly!

    Has for me has a DM. I have been DMing for aboyt year. I am a beginner DM when it comes to Fantasy Grounds but i have run a few gems using it now so i am farliy confedent with it.

    If there is any question's do not esitate to send a mesege and i will answer as quickely as i can, i promise.

    Update: The party as become level 3 now, but sadly two of my player's left so am now curently loking for two new players to fill the spot. I do not care if sombody got zero experience playing or is a veteran but i would like to have it fild before next saturday.

    Update 2: the game is filled again.
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    Please keep me in mind as a replacement if you have any more attrition.

    Willing to replace whatever character type party is missing (any alignment, tank, healer, DPS, or utility, etc.).
    Friendly and accepting of all people. Mature adult. Easy going. Not a rule lawyer.

    I am relatively new to FG and 5e. I just started playing a Rogue in FG 5e on Wednesday nights, but have time for another game.

    Thank you,

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