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    Recruiting Calendar and Manage Campaign

    At the risk of sounding dumb, I'm not really certain what I'm doing right and wrong here.

    When I "Manage Campaign," I am able to add players using the fields at the bottom. I can save their forum name (and neat, it automatically puts in their Timezone offset), but when I enter the data for Character and Character Description, the data is not saved. Any value given for "Level" similarly results in '0'. Are these fields not in use, or am I just not understanding how to use them?

    Next (and not really an issue at all, merely a curiosity), does the Recruiting Calendar only list games from certain people/groups (e.g., staff)? Or should my game show up there as well? (It doesn't seem to.)

    (Sorry for making new threads for these topics; searching doesn't seem to yield the results I'm looking for.)

    EDIT: For clarity, I'm talking about the site/forums, not the Fantasy Grounds software.

    EDIT2: Well, it seems that the answer to both of my queries was because I did not have it set to "Accept Players." (Had a feeling it was that for the Calendar, makes sense; didn't realize it would happen with the player fields, though, which doesn't make a lot of sense, hah.) Mods, if you run across this thread or it gets bumped, feel free to close it. Else I'll just let it sink down the forum.
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