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Thread: RMC v2.1.2

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    Quote Originally Posted by ikeaboy View Post
    Hi Dakadin,

    I'm a user of FG standard and currently running a RM campaign as a GM.

    After the 2.1.1 update I noticed that a couple of things went broken. Unfortunately these are severe enough to hamper continuing our campaign.

    1) Existing player notes now give error and they seem to be lost in space:
    Attachment 36471
    -- This is very sad, as the players kept their diary in the notes
    -- New notes function ok

    2) Player character sheets are broken in two pages:
    - Combat-page gives error:
    Attachment 36472
    - Inventory-page is missing all the equipment tracked there (including its weight, also all money is lost):
    Attachment 36473

    Could it be that there has been some regression issues to the existing functionality and existing records as a result of the new changes?

    Hi petteri,

    I am sorry that you experienced these issues. It sounds like the script that runs to convert things to be compatible with CoreRPG didn't run properly. It should have made a backup copy of the campaign though but it likely isn't needed because the stuff should still be in the existing campaign.

    Are you running any extensions? Most older extensions won't work with the new version of the ruleset because the code has changed so much in some areas.

    I will send you a PM to see if I can help you get this resolved. Please let me know if you have any questions in the meantime.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Prunttonner View Post
    Hi Dadakin,

    Sorry for the bad diagnosis !! I tried several things for sure that the ID happened and it was for having CT open !!!

    Thank you

    No need to apologize. I do appreciate you trying to narrow it down. It definitely helps when I try to recreate it. Luckily, I happened to close the CT at one point which I rarely do in my games.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dakadin View Post
    Hi Prunttonner,

    I am unable to replicate this issue. Do you happen to have any extensions loaded because I did notice a few buttons around the dice tower? If it is the one that I think it is, I am pretty sure most of those options are on the Modifiers window now.

    Edit: Nevermind. I found it. The issue isn't if they are identified or not. It is whether or not the CT is open. I will see about getting it fixed.

    I don't know if it is related to this or not, but, I got an error message when trying to place NPCs into the CT via the Encounter (with the add to CT button).

    If the CT was not open, I would get the following error:

    Script Error: [string "scripts/manager_combat2.lua"]:267: attempt to index local 'winEntry' (a nil value)
    It would add one of the 4 NPCs to the CT, but not the other three.

    It only happens if I do not have the CT open before adding the NPCs.

    I'm still running classic for now.
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    Hi Sulimo,

    Yes, that is the same issue and thanks for the additional details. I've got it fixed in version 2.1.3 that I am hoping to turn over to Smitework some time tonight so it can be on the test channel tomorrow and released on Tuesday.


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    In other core games Effects can be targeted to individual creatures or NPCS. For example in PF2e ruleset
    The flat-footed Effect can be applied to a PC then that effect on the PC can then be targeted on the two Creatures who are flanking the PC.
    So only those two creatures get the bonus for hitting the flanked PC and no one else not involved in the flanking maneuver.

    Can this sort of thing be done in RMC? So For Example Parry can can be set to One target?
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    Hi Willot,

    Not at this time. I mainly just converted the existing RMC effects and tried to apply the appropriate conditions. I do plan on adding more functionality in the future for effects but I haven't gotten that far yet.


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