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    Tokens problem

    It's a simple problem, really: I can't seem to permanently get rid of the "standard" tokens (the buttons, arrow, and letters). I've deleted them from the tokens folder and even deleted reference to them in the campaigns / [campaign name] / usersettings / tokens_Matt file (it says they are in the data/tokens folder but they are not there at all). After that, I open up the tokens box inside of FG and there they are, on my root directory. I quit FG and go back to that tokens_Matt file and the token references are back again. What's going on? Even if the "link" to the tokens was in that file, the tokens are not in the folder in question, so it shouldn't matter. What am I missing? Thanks.


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    Aren't these tokes hardcoded into the game/d20 ruleset?

    Or something like that?

    If you don't want them, use other ruleset. Or just make o copy of d20 folder and use it instead.

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    I do use a modified ruleset (I named d20a) which is basically identical to the d20 ruleset except an addition or two to the monster list. It's still weird that it references a folder that does not have the tokens in it.

    Edit: I did find this in the base.xml file in my ruleset folder:

    <tokenroot source="data\tokens" />

    I prefer to keep all my tokens in sub-folders in the tokens \ host (or shared). Should I change that line in the base.xml file?
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    The tokens are probably included in the "resource.pak" file that includes the default ruleset. There may be a way to get FG to run without the resource.pak file and use the unpacked contents of it, which would allow you to delete the tokens. However, I'm not going to look into it, because I'd probably end up breaking my installation of FG if I tried

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    The easiest way of doing this is to create a custom ruleset, navigate to the ../data/ folder inside the custom ruleset and delete what is in there.

    Do not delete the reference in the db.xml, or you may find that FG runs a little funny.

    With this way, you can replace the default tokens with something more specific to the ruleset you are making.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kalmarjan
    The easiest way of doing this is to create a custom ruleset, navigate to the ../data/ folder inside the custom ruleset and delete what is in there.
    I don't have a /data/ folder in the ruleset folder. I only have /database, /frames, and /icons, along with several .xml files. There is of course the /data folder on the root directory, though.


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    They are in the resources.pak file.

    Rename the file to, and open it.

    Delete the tokens, and rename it to resources.pak again.

    *make a copy of your original resources.pak file in case you ever want them back.

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