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    Hi Ardem, just checking, how does the FRP extension calculate defensive bonus?? I have a first level thief who has 99 Quickness, but his stat bonus on the combat tab (for defensive bonus) is +69.

    Cheers, Mark.

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    I believe the only change I made for DB is the stat bonus, the rest is the same a RMC.

    function DBStatBonusReplace(nodeChar)
    return Rules_PC.DBStatNode(nodeChar).getValue()*3;

    I just made a halfling, which is a 99 which is a 9+4 13, and his stat was 39 as it supposed to be. Are you using any of the optional rules that could be screwing this up.
    Like some companion rule on stats.
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    If you export the character and upload it here we might be able to track it down for you because it could be from stat, equipment or adrenal defense.

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    FRP Extension

    Thank you guys, yes it probably could be rules from the companion that might be mixing things up a bit. I uploaded the character anyway, hopefully I did so correctly. Cheers for the great support.
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    It looks like you are using the RM Companion 1 smooth stat options because it is showing a stat bonus of +23 for your quickness of 99 instead of a +9. So that is getting multiplied by 3 giving you a +69 where RMFRP would give you +27 (9 * 3). Mixing the two systems will give you unusual things like this so you want to pick either RMC or RMFRP and it should resolve the issues.

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    I see, that's how it works, excellent thank you. That helps a plenty. Appreciate the support very much.

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