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    No-IP or other DNS forwarding services

    Are they recommended? I am set to run FantasyGrounds on a weekly basis from now until GenCon, and (despite the fact that I got it to work a month ago), I am having trouble getting port-forwarding set up correctly, again.

    One suggestion from a friend of mine was "Just get No-IP, or one of those services like that.."

    So I'm thinking about it. Is that a good way to go? It coss money, but it's like prohibitively expensive. $15 for a year of no-hassle IP-forwardng I can live with.

    Any suggestions?

    On the plus side, I'm now comfortable going into my router and making all kinds of crazy settings.

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    IP forwarding and port forwarding are two different things. IP forwarding is so you can have a psuedo static-ip address to hand out to your friends for connecting even if your ISP rotates yours through a pool (as most do). However, for FG it has a built in alias feature that essentially does the exact same thing (but only for FG).

    Port forwarding is forwarding a certain port from an outside internet connection to an internal computer. This is done by your router/modem. If you are on DHCP your internal IP address can change a lot and this will mess up port forwarding as your router is usually forwarding the ports to a specific IP. To alleviate this you can set your IP to static, or if you like DHCP (because of multiple devices or whatever) you can have your router reserver a specific IP for your computer based off its MAC address.

    If all that sounds too complicated let me know but just know that IP forwarding (also called DNS forwarding) is different than port forwarding.
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    I see no reason to for you to get IP forwarding for FG, since as Joshuah said the alias function does the same thing. *shrug* You might want to get if for something else but for FG it would be a waste.

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    Luckily it was free!

    Hey, I figured something out. I should make a post about it.

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