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    Family Players Group Looking for DM for Sat/Sun weekly 5E


    Looking for a DM who is willing to run Saturday morning/evenings or Sunday mornings, there are a consistent 4 of us, with a 5th that can hopefully drop in and out due to scheduling conflicts, but for the rest of us Saturday is our best bet. 3 out of the 5 of us are have been playing 5e for about a year while the other 2 have some experience but are relatively new.

    We all have FG Ultimate License, and are a pretty laid back group looking to spend some time gaming. If you have any questions please feel free to PM me or reply away!
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    It might help get responses if you indicate which Time zone you are located in.

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    I am interested and have sent a private message.

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    @ Coffers ah yes that would probably help.

    Looking at Pacific Standard Time (PST) or Central European Summer Time (GMT +2) we are split between two locations on opposite ends hence why we are looking for a game either in the morning or evening so both timezone would be compatible

    also to add in some more information the age ranges from 23 to 50

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    A friend and myself are learning the ropes of DM'ng Unity. We run Pathfinder 1, home brew's and could get / run an adventure path. We are both older 40 +, and fairly good with our language. We'd use discord for chat. Again, still learning the running of Unity, but it doesn't hurt to reach out and check out who's playing. Most likely would be a couple of Saturdays a month or so.

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    I am interested in doing something for you and yours! been GM/DM for 20 years and I'm looking for a new group.

    Game system whatever you all want - Game type I can run fantasy, modern day and sci-fi

    I am GMT based so I could work it out on Sundays for you. Send me a PM.

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    @ thorun09

    I never had the pleasure of playing pathfinder, got sucked into 3.5e, only experience I have with it is Pathfinder Kingmaker the video game.
    What is the difference between 5E and Pathfinder?

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    There are many differences, especially skills, spells, and of course combat. Generally speaking though, it's not so much which edition you play with, but who you play with. Fantasy games are fantasy games after all. If you didn't like 3.5, you probably won't care for much on Pathfinder. I do like Dnd 5E as well, but I prefer Pathfinder myself. Just picked up Pathfinder 2, which is more akin to Dnd 5E, but there's so much to run on Pathfinder it's not hard to just buy something premade, like one of the adventure paths, and we are learning to homebrew with the system. My first test as DM with my friend is Monday, but I anticipate going slow, so that's why I haven't actually recruited just yet, until I got the flow of the maps, combat, awarding treasure / xp, etc. On a positive note, you can visit to go over many of the rules, including classes, etc. So you don't need to buy anything other than FGU to join.

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