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    Hello evryone iam looking 4 to 5 players to participate in a Waterdeep Dragonheinst campain.We will play in FGU.New players are also very welcome.

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    We have a group of 4 players that recently separated from our DM due to issues with him, and are looking for a new game! What are you looking for in a group?

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    I would be interested in joining if there is room. Relatively new to FGU (just purchased on 23 May).

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    Thank you guys for the reply.MisterBFI there is room yea i dont mind at all if you are new to FGU or DND in general.Animya the only think iam looking for in a grp is easy going ppl that love fantasy rpg's like me.I have to tell you a couple of thinks first this is my first attempt to dm a whole campain so you might have to be a bit patient and second i live is Greece so if you guys live in an other continent time schedule might be an issue if you want tomorrow we can arrange a discord meeting to talk about it

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    I live in Western Canada so yeah, let's figure out a time. I'm flexible.

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    Is the group still open? I'd like to join fairly new to both d&d as well as FGU but would love to play with other people!

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    I am interested depending on the day and time. New to FG and 5e. Have played 3.5 and Pathfinder in the past.

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    The group is still open if evryone that is intresteded can log tomorrow on 9am Athens Buchurest time and we can discuss how we can do this.Thank you all for your intrest

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    Yeah, 9 AM Athens time I will most definitely be sleeping. I've found a group that runs closer to my time so I'll decline joining at this time. Best of luck and have fun.

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