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    Looking for 3-4 for homebrew PF1 game

    FG License: FG C Standard
    Game System: Pathfinder 1E

    Time Zone: Central Standard Time
    Day of week and time: Saturday 7 pm CST
    Planned start date: June 30th … but looking to get started with characters, etc… ASAP
    Planned Duration & Frequency: 4 – 5 hours & Weekly
    Term: Long Term … I hope

    Text or Voice: Discord for voice and Boards for between game RP
    Other software used: Discord
    Will this be recorded and/or live streamed? I have no plans to stream, but if group is up for it and someone wants to, then they can... but
    I don't have or plan to get a camera...

    Roleplay & Combat mix: 60/40 mix
    Number of Players in-game & needed: 2 in-game/ 3-4 needed
    Character starting level & equipment: 1st level and max gold +50% based on class
    Character restrictions: Do have a “Rulez” sheet … explains banned, races, classes… etc.

    Heya, semi-experienced with FG. Been playing on it for about 3 years now. Been RP’ing for a number of years now and looking for experienced and inexperienced gamers who are more into character development, RP and story… than murder hobo and min/max.

    Currently I have a 2 in game so far… looking for 3 to 4 more players to fill out the game…

    This is a Homebrew Game, based on my world. There are elements of other worlds that are similar to other existing formats, that are used to help in the creation of the lore of my world.


    A legendary “Citadel” has risen from the depths in which it was “buried” … now it floats high above the Kingdom of Ostwynne, causing a major curse to befall the land. Undead denizens have started to rise and begin claiming power of the land. All the while, the monsters of the “Fel Lands” are taking the sign of the citadel rising as prophetical and are preparing for war with the 7 kingdoms. A call has gone out to heroes and adventurers alike to aid the 7 kingdoms with the ultimate goal of stopping the master of the citadel before his ultimate goal comes to fruition.

    Role Playing, Investigation and Diving into ancient ruins to find answers to the questions you are bound to uncover are a big part as well as facing foes, hell bent on stopping you from your goals. Traitors, allies and friends… who can say who is what….

    If interested, send me a PM with some information…

    PF1 Experience:
    RP Experience:
    FG Experience:

    Character Idea:
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    License: FGU Standard Edition
    PF1 Experience: None
    RP Experience: Played through high school and again in my mid 20's to early 30's. Been about 12 years since I've had a group to play with.
    FG Experience: I've played for about 3 hours as a player with a DM who was also learning the system.

    Character Idea: The TL: DR is a Halfling Bard. The long version follows:
    Narywise BrambleButt was born under a different name. It was so dull and boring he has long since forgotten what it was. The name was suitable for his parents who were equally as boring and unimaginative. So boring that they often would avoid punishing Narywise just to not have to deal with conflict. As such Narywise learned to adapt to his surroundings. Narywise was always small even for a halfling his age. By the time his 18th summer came he had pretty much stopped growing completely and just barely crested 2'8". Despite this Narywise used his height to his advantage, often dressing like the younger children to avoid work and instead he would slip away from the group to go watch the performers elsewhere in the city. His small stature also helped in the evening when he could quite literally stand under a table without being seen to watch the musicians, singers, poets and whomever else happened to be performing in the taverns. It was one such evening when Narywise had snuck into one of the more popular taverns. This night it was particularly crowded as a young, pretty half-elf was performing. She started the performance with a lively jig that had most of the patrons up and dancing about. By the end of the night she had played a vast repertoire from haunting melodies to joyous hymns and was able to draw emotions out from those that were present many weeping during the sad songs while smiling and laughing at other times. Narywise was spellbound during the whole performance, so much so that he talked himself into trying to meet the young half-elf. Sneaking into the back Narywise found the door he was sure was the room of the elf and crept inside. He was no more than 5 feet inside the door when it flew open behind him. Narywise froze then turned slowly to see an angry looking man in full armor who reached out and grabbed Narywise by the neck. "Looks like we caught ourselves a thief" Narywise realized it was the captain of the guard. Taken to the dungeon and thrown in without another word Narywise surveyed what he was sure would be his end but something was off. While it was a dungeon it wasn't what Narywise thought a dungeon should look like. This one had rough curtains that hung from the only barred window and there was what looked like a desk with a scraggly haired man sitting at it. His clothes had long since faded but they looked like they might once have been expensive. The man turned and surveyed the halfling but unlike others he didn't seem to dismiss Narywise. Narywise approached and without the man saying a word Narywise poured out his story, it was painfully short and uneventful until that night. "I just want to be able to perform like she did" Narywise finished. The man's eyes lit up in that instant then quickly dimmed as someone who has lost hope maybe one too many times. Still there was some light left that didn't quiet leave. "Do you know how to perform little one, or are you just like other halflings and only used as a joke." Narywise puffed up in heated anger "I may not know how but I can learn." "We'll see," the man replied, "My name is, was, Sarnel Swordtongue. I was once famous and performed for many nobles, so famous that the king himself asked for me to be his personal entertainer. I played at the most prestigious events to the most important people until one day I stood in front of the king and recited a poem that was less than flattering to the king. I never received a trial or was pronounced a sentence but instead I was stripped of nearly everything I had and put in this dungeon. What I have left is these dingy clothes, some of my music and my flute. I will teach you young one and perhaps one day you will be famous enough to tell my story." Narywise was over joyed at his luck and promised the man that he would do anything to learn the ways of the bard. Three days after his incarceration Narywise's parents showed up to retrieve him from the jail. the actual thief had been caught and Narywise was released. That was the day he earned the name Narywise from his father. Narywise wore it like a badge of honor, finally a name that meant something, that had a story. It didn't just end there for Narywise though, day after day and night after night Narywise would sneak into the dungeon and learn all that he could from Sarnel. He learned quickly, having natural talent and a studious nature. Narywise learned to play the flute, the harp and the lute but his love was the flute. The way it could sing from a piercing high note to the low whisper of wind in a haunted wood, Narywise loved it all. Nearly 2 years passed of Narywise sneaking into the dungeon to learn from Sarnel, so much so that it wasn't really sneaking anymore as the guards would ignore him even if they did see him. Narywise was just cresting the threshold that led to the dungeon when one of the guards barked out to him, "oi, littl'um, come 'ere" Narywise stopped what little attempt at sneaking he was doing and approached as Sarnel had taught him, with the air of one better than one's station, of one playing a role. "Needin't go that way, 'e's not down 'ere." the guard spoke with a lisp. "Hey, why don't ya just give it to him," another guard poked at the first. "Fine, fine but 'ur no fun." The guard reached over to a nearby table and handed Narywise a small case no more than a foot long. Narywise instantly recognized it as Sarnel's flute case. "Won't be needin' it where he's going," the first guard chuckled grotesquely, "They hung him this morning for treason they did." Narywise barely registered the comment but instead fixated on the precious gift laying in his hands. To Narywise this was more precious than any holy relic and deep within him he swore a solemn oath to himself that one day he would be famous enough to tell Sarnel's story. He went home, packed a bag with supplies and what little he had, told his mom that Wanderlust was too much and simple left. It has been several months now of following whatever road he could and performing in inns but Narywise has learned that he will never get famous just reciting old stories, he needs to make his own so he's started looking for an adventure, something with meaning.

    Figured the back story would be best to tell you my character idea.

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    License:full unity and normal
    PF1 Experience: 5 years
    RP Experience: 5 years
    FG Experience: 5 years, usually create my characters manually so i know how a lot of the extra stuff works

    Character Idea:none as of yet, have to see the banned stuff and what the others are playing before i decide but i spend my free time coming up with character ideas and building them in FG so i'm sure i have something that will fit

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