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    FGU + Name change Question

    Hi, I have two questions:

    1. I need to change the email associated to my account, but it would be extremely helpful to also change my nickname, since all names associated with the new email address are the same, and that helps me to not get lost in this world of a thousand accounts for everything. Is that possible, to change my nickname?

    2. I have bought FG Ultimate long, long time ago, and it was not even available on steam. Some years ago I migrated to steam, but I don't recall how I did it. I didn't for sure bought another license. So I see a big discussion about wait for FGU to release on steam and the 40% discount thing, and being on the same boat I want to understand my options better. I am in Brazil with a sinking economy. Every day the change gets worst to the point that right now to buy anything in US$ seems crazy, and it may get worse. It seems that to get the 40% discount you have to buy the license for Unity on the same platform as you did before. Problem is I don't know what rule applies to me, since I bought outside Steam and migrated there after.

    If I buy the license now not on steam, will I be able to migrate to steam again like I did in the past? I probably won' do it, because without regional pricing I will probably be only dreaming about it, but I need to know to take a more informed decision.


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    I'll try to help as best I can

    1. That seems likely that the only people able to give you a correct answer would be the support team.

    2. It's possible to add non-steam versions of FG to steam by activating your key through the steam launcher, this is most likely how you added it previously, I won't add steps here as unity is probably going to be a distance off before that gets to steam, but it should add exactly the same as classic did once it finally gets to steam. To tell if you can get the discount through the website, the easiest method is to just add the unity ultimate to your shopping cart and check the price to see if it's discounted. Although if you bought it through the website before then it should be

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    i have been able to run FG unity through steam, i used the function on steam Add non steam game, and then navigated to the .exe file for FG unity, this has allowed me run unity through steam, as i also had classic i just manually changed the manually added version of fantasy ground to display unity in the game name under properties.

    if you have FG classic modules through steam these also update on your FG unity when if you link FG to your steam purchases from within FGs settings

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    Ok, but lets suppose I can get the 40% discount and I decide to buy it now, would I be able to activate it on steam? I don't mean run it through steam. I know how to add non-steam games to my library. I am asking if I will have a steam version of the software or not, as I do now. I need to be certain on that.

    On that, does anyone knows if I can pay now with multiple payments, this is the biggest advantage I get if I wait for the steam version.

    About the name change I was hopping a community moderator could help me with that, but sure, I will contact support.


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    You should be able to activate it on steam the same way you have with classic, but you will have to wait for steam to add unity and possibly may have to wait a while afterwards until steam is updated with the list of license keys that have been sent out.

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    Ok, wait it for it to be released on Steam is not a problem, as long as when it does I can activate it there.
    Thank you.

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