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    Serpent Amphora Cycle book 1: Serpent in the fold

    Greeting everyone,
    I just bought a module from the store and I'd ppreciate your help. When I try to load the module Serpent amphora cycle book 1 : Serpent in the fold in my 3.5 ruleset campaign, I only get the images/map and NPC lists in my library window. I saw on the store page screenshots that there are also story entries, as expected with an adventure module. Neither I get anything in my story window. I tried to create a new campaign with the PFRPG ruleset but the same thing happens.
    Anyone can tell me if indeed that is the case and there are no story entries or am I doing something wrong?
    The link in the store for the module is

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    There should absolutely be story entries since they're pictured in the store entry.

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