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    If you will allow me, I will disagree whole heartedly. Yet .. not.

    For me FG's UI is clearly one of its strengths. But then again, it was made by a couple of Finnish guys in the ancient history of the internet being born... or something like that. Being scandinavian myself I can see where some of the design cue's come from. And I like it. In an age where everyone put their internet buttons on the left side, which is stupid, they saw the sense and did the opposite.

    As far as I see it, the "problem" FG has is that it is "different". That does not make it worse. But it does force people to stop and think about what they are doing, instead of being on familar ground with drop down menus and whatever else they are used to in Windows. Some say that is a benefit. I can see why people would think that. I happen to think that they are wrong. I DO NOT want a windows app. *shudders*

    The most important bit about this conversation - and I do think OP will agree here - is that there is a need for a more flexible and customizable UI, that allows users to set the programme up the way they like it. I doubt FGC will change much or at all in this regard, and I am ok with that. But since FGU is made on Unity, it can feasably be used on a tablet I think. In that regard you will need a UI that is good for that kind of use. Big buttons and so on. On the other hand, others may sit in front of a small screen and be really concerned about screen space. Should they have options too? I should think so.

    What Smiteworks really need to do, if they ever get around to making a customizable UI, is for them to understand, that players need to have access to UI profiles, so we don't have to fix it, every time we start a new campaign. Thanks! Oh, and if they will only fix their graphics that would be nice too. As in "all the frames are of slightly different sizes and buttons are placed seemingly at random with in them". God that makes reskinning a nightmare! A little standardization here please!

    Anyhoo... I've always been a big proponent of choice. And for me, that is why we see disgussions like this. And while it is absolutely great that there are modders out there working on giving said choice, it really should be done by Smiteworks. From my perspective it's not really about "I hate it" or "I love it", rather than: "Hey, we're all different here, can you help us out there?"

    Trust me. Smiteworks is very open to suggestions regarding improving their software, and this is a good disgussion to have in my opinion.

    Just my few pixels worth of thought.

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    Quote Originally Posted by KithKiryn View Post
    That's good news and I'm sure FGU will get there eventually. Is it possible to switch from FGU to FGC in any way or would that require repurchasing?
    If I missed someone mentioning this already, my apologies. As an option, you could subscribe to classic for a few months using the monthly subscription option while Unity matures a bit, then switch back when it works for you.

    If this option interests you, do it quickly. Because from what I've read, campaigns don't go from Unity back to Classic very easily (if at all). But going from Classic to Unity is supposed to be very simple (just copy the campaign folder). So changing now means less work lost.

    Someone please correct me if I'm wrong on the Unity-to-Classic 'issue'.
    Fantasy Grounds Unity may be official now, but its release may take a while yet.

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    Wow, I didn't know about Foundry. Will have an eye on this one. Also I love how they handle their Character sheets. Wonderful!
    I agree to your statements quite a bit. A streamlined UI and the use of multiple choice menus in addition to easy entry linking (that update when changes are done at one end) would go a long way for FG!
    And I totally get what was said about standardized frames for graphics in FG. Reskinning has proven to be quite an effort when some buttons have eg. 2px wider frames for no apparent reason.

    Edit: What have you done! I just HAD to purchase FoundryVTT it's incredible!
    Edit 2: On closer inspection, while the overall user interface of FoundryVTT is a dream come true, it lacks significantly in terms of overall content as well as combat automation (some mods help a little). But judging by the speed it is developed this will probably change very soon. SmiteWorks could really take a look at how things can be divided into folders with subfolder in subfolders in subfolders.... very handy to organize content.
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    I think the biggest hurdle for new users of FG is the interface. Once they learn it, because of the amazing automation in games, they can play just about any system.

    If the UI can be modernized and made more familiar to what most expect (by adding new controls available) I think it would improve the user experience and make it easier for new FG users.

    I'll keep my fingers crossed some of this is addressed in FGU at some point.
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    I certainly prefer the aesthetics of FG over the competition. When I started playing 5E after a few years break from RPG's I did the rounds of what was available at the time, and pretty much everything else felt like I was dealing with the front end of an old access database. And for me it took one evening of poking around to get up and running, verses several hours of youtube videos with other options and still being lost. However I definately agree screen-space is a big issue, and have frequently expressed my views on that (not exactly ui -related).

    I think themes are being drastically underused here. And if the UI is altered in a significant manner I would hope most of it is done through the themes, so that those that want drop-menus etc. can simply install the appropriate one, and those that are comfortable with the existing set-up can use the existing themes.

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    While I am new the FG community, I am getting to know everyone. Personally, I really enjoy the challenge in learning the system, creating modules for game play, etc. I am also enjoying the FG College which allows for direct interaction with locals and instructors with extensive knowledge in how this system works. It gives a new enthusiasm to a game that I have played for the last 30+ years.

    I am looking forward to learning even more as my time with this system progresses. It is also allowing a vehicle to reconnect with my kids out of state who enjoy playing D&D and we have been playing every weekend so I am very enthusiast about where this will all end up...

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    I've never been a fan of the UI either. I've learned to use it out of necessity, but definitely understand why people feel it's outdated and clunky. It would be very good if a module or modules got released with variant UIs for people who aren't good with the default.

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