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    FGU - Players controlling NPCs/Extras

    I've searched and read various forum entries regarding PC's controlling Extras, all of which appear to be for FGC.

    I can put Extras in the allies section of the character sheet so they can be opened up by the players - no problems there.

    I can get them on the combat tracker, nested under the PC as part of their Group, or separately if they are a Wild Card - again, works fine.

    Set their faction to be Friendly - no trouble at all.

    But the players can't move them, get LOS from them through the Fog of War, select them and target enemies with them, and if they roll for them from the sheets they can bring up, there appears to be no interaction with the Combat Tracker.

    Is this yet to be implemented in FGU ('cause I can't find anything FGU specific on the subject, or my search-fu is weak), or am I missing something that I need to do to unlock Players controlling NPCs?

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    Same problem here. Seems to be a problem with Savage Worlds in FGU. The options menu in Savage Worlds is obviously missing an entry ("Party Vision and Movement") to allow players to control other friendly characters on the map.

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    This issue has been addressed now. The update might be available next week.
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