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    Extension/module for Tyrnador: Fate of Ventar (SWADE)?

    Hi There,

    Is anyone already working on an extension/module for the Tyrnador: Fate of Ventar setting?

    I've started on a module for it, using the SW Enhanced Library extension, but I've ran into a lot of questions and obstacles with getting everything setup. I'm wondering if anyone else who's done this could share any notes or suggestions?

    The setting adds custom races, edges, and hindrances, and uses some custom setting rules that aren't from SWADE core, including some new subsystems and replacements for arcane background-related rules.

    I'm trying to enter stuff via the FGU UI; it's working in general, though there are a few warning messages occasionally. I don't know what to enter to add the rule-effects of the new hindrances and edges, though, and I'm not sure how to change things like the existing new power edge (Tyrnador allows only 1 power, instead of SWADEs 2, per advance), or how to enter the custom setting rules that Tyrnador uses to replace things like encumbrance, languages, etc.

    I think I'm in over my head with trying this; thanks in advance for any suggestions.

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    I have been creating my own as needed. Gunbunnyfufu is working on an official one

    For encumbrance I've seen setting all the items' weight to 0. Then it's been all done by eyeball. Everyone with a backpack I wrote next to it (x / y) where x is the number of Items they are carrying and Y is the maximum number of items before encumbered

    Without backpack Y would be 1/2 Str.

    So...basically a lot of notes like I'd do face to face.

    My mage player has under notes what his Fixed Casting Number is and then he has stuff like:

    FCN: 7
    Spells Memorized:

    Bolt - Fire - Locked Power Points: 2

    We reduce his max PP by the number of locked power points and then increase by the value when cast
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    Just giving this a bump to see what kind of progress has been made towards an official module?
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    Gunbunnyfufu is working on it but he's also a EMT so his hours are crazy during this pandemic. When I asked him a couple of weeks ago he figured it would be ready in June

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    Wow! Cool! That's a lot sooner than I expected. Thanks!
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    Keep in mind that's when he thinks it'll be done...and with the craziness that heath care workers are experiencing right now that's anything but certain. The it has to go to Smiteworks for QA testing which usually takes a few weeks

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    Even so, that's still a lot sooner than I expected to see it. Good news, indeed
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