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    LFP: D&D5e/AlienRPG: Wednesdays: 8pm Atlantic/7pm eastern

    Hello everyone! I am in need of one or two more consistent, weekly players.

    We play every Wednesday, 8pm Atlantic/ 9pm eastern until 11 or 12 pm Atlantic/ 10 or 11 eastern.

    Each week, we rotate games. One week is D&D5e, the next is Alien RPG.

    I have the ultimate license and lots of content to use.

    Voice: discord

    D&D5e: we implement optional rules like carry weight, critical hit/fumbles, system shock, initiative rolled each round, flanking advantage and incorporate extensions to lessen the load.

    The story: the party is traveling across the lands to thwart a mysterious cult known as “the truth of the forest”. The adventure is full of curiosity, mystery, and wonder, each event seeding future campaigns in the same homebrew setting. Come have fun in this epic journey with a quirky crew of misfits. Find legendary (personalized) items to create your own legends and lore. Fight in challenging combat that will have you sweating with each deathroll and come out on top with the help of your allies.

    Alien RPG: work for a company you hate as you travel through space, either fighting insurgency, corrupt leaders, transporting goods to frontier colonies, starting your own colony, all while something hides in the shadows, waiting for you to make a mistake. Survival is not to be expected, so have fun!

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    I'd be interested in Checking out your 5e group. Am newer to FG and 5e, but am learning my way around. I am in Central time zone so every other Wed. Might work for me. Let me know if I could join

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    Hey pr6i6e6st,

    I'd like to join you and your group!
    I've played a lot of RPGs in the past and and have gotten back into it in the last few years. Semi experienced with FG (I DM a 5E campaign for my family). Wednesdays works great for me, and the mix of games sounds fun! I'm open to play any class that rounds out the party, or otherwise fits into the games. Hope to hear back from you!

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