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    Quote Originally Posted by eriktedesco View Post
    Hi Valyar, you can unlock the menu (right-click and unlock), move it wherever you want, and then lock it again!
    Oh my... didn't thought of that! Amazing, this might work.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Valyar View Post
    Yes, I understand what the idea is and I really like the approach, though after several sessions I found out that this is not suitable for my play style. I tend to keep the desktop clean, use the shortcuts to CT/PS/etc. What surprised me is that my players also use such approach, therefore I put this here. I understand that this is not something that can be done due to technical limitation. I have no issues in preparing the shortcut bar first and then enabling the extension.

    What about the ability to move the menus from top left to middle or right? I believe, at least for my case, it will be much more useful since less mouse travel and muscle memory to get to the menus in the sidebar?

    Maybe some chat command to trigger positioning.

    You can right click and unlock the menu and move it. The animated gif shows it on the first post Keep in mind it always opens DOWN so you can't put it on the bottom of the screen.

    I'll tinker with drag/drop from the menus again when I have spare time to see if I can find a work around the problems I was having but I am not expecting much success as it was in one of my early prototypes and was not workable.
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    I have RFIA installed and it doesn't seem to be working with Better Menus. I see posts from oct i was wondering is this something you are working on. When I disable Better Menus RFIA works fine.

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