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    Better Menus (CoreRPG, 5E/etc)

    This runs under FGC/FGU with CoreRPG 3.3.12+.

    Note: This does not work with Savage Worlds ruleset.

    If you're having issues with extension please read this post first on making sure you have correct extension installed.

    This replaces the SIDEBAR with a Menu button system.

    The menu buttons add new features such as the "Books" (quick access to any module loaded with reference manual) and direct access to modules listing.

    This also allows you to "unlock" the portraits and move them to somewhere more convenient and the Dice Tower will be on top of the "desktop view" map.

    This is something I finished up for the AD&D 2E ruleset and I decided to extract it and put it into an extension so that other rulesets could make use. I've tested this with CoreRPG and 5E. It should work with "anything" that is properly layered on CoreRPG (except the AD&D 2E ruleset which has this natively with a few other features).

    Here is a quick view of what you can do with it. Grab it and try it out.

    Developers can use the hooks within the extension to add their own custom menus not found in the standard methods. You can find details in this post.

    Current source can be found in the GitLab repository.

    If you run into issues running this please state the ruleset.

    Unfortunately I am unable to resolve issues related to other extensions and compatibility with Better Menus. The community is wide and varied and there are just to many. The best I can do with the time I have is to keep the extensions working with CoreRPG and rulesets that layer on that without drastic overrides of CoreRPG systems. However, if someone that is interested in that particular issue is willing to research the other extension and find a solution and submit I'll be happy to try and implement it.

    Update 1.22:
    • [Updated] Changed "Preferences" menu to "Options" to match the actual window it opens

    You can download and install using the forge link. You can send a donation to the creator if you like this tool.
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    Documentation for AD&D 2E ruleset.
    Custom Maps (I2, S4, T1-4, Barrowmaze,Lost City of Barakus)
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    Wow this extension is amazing. Great job!

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    Works so far with Starfinder. Love this.

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    This is so awesome. Can’t wait to give this a whirl in game. I have players constantly worrying about window space on smaller laptops.
    This will make a big difference for them

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    This is very cool. But maybe the title should be "different" menus or "dropdown" menus or similar. "Better" is purely subjective...
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    This is very cool. But maybe the title should be "different" menus or "dropdown" menus or similar. "Better" is purely subjective...
    I couldn't agree more.

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    This is indeed better menus, please keep the name. Screen real estate is at a premium in FG, and the right menu takes so much space this is a much better solution.

    Can't wait to see this in FGU!

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    Cool extension. Will be giving this a try with my group and see how everyone likes it.

    Found 2 issues with a bit of toying around. First, if you have a long list of modules loaded then they go off the bottom of the screen. Would be nice if it would scroll through in those cases. Second, there is a conflict with FGTabber extension. Not the end of the world, but they are the 2 extensions I know of that really give you some extra real estate. Neither of these issues will keep me from giving this a try in my next couple sessions. Thanks for doing the work and sharing the results!

    Edit: Running 5e
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    Incredible! Can't wait until FGU is compatible! Thank you very much for sharing!

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    That looks really nice Celestial, hope to see it in Unity soon !

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