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    All-in-one "Packages" that can be added to pc's/monsters

    Is there a way to create an "all-in-one" package that when placed onto a PC/NPC/Monster grants it specific skills/edges/hindrances/powers?

    I've been looking at the setting Crystal Heart and realized that setting up the various crystals in the game is a pain the the backside as they give you multiple hindrances, edges, and powers.

    In addition, this sort of "package" system would also provide support for things like racial templates, monster templates, etc that can be quickly applied to generic items to quickly flesh them out more.

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    There is no such feature. However if you are interested in Crystal Heart setting, the official FG adaption of it is done (by me) and it is in release queue. Expect it to appear in store within few weeks
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    Is this something that can be built as a race? Or listed as a Monster Power of some form? I have never really thought about this, but a 'template' for a profession or background or something might be useful.

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    It would be possible to do as a race, but unsure without testing how character sheet would handle 2 races being dropped on it.

    But NPCs dont have a race section and I dont think you can drop them on NPC sheets.. Not very familiar with Crystal Heart so could you make different Crystals types as a template then adjust for various NPCs?
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    In my game, I've gone to making templates or packages as separate lists within powers/edges/hindrances/items. So, if you want to add, say dwarf, to a generic NPC, you open edges, go to the "Dwarf template list" and add everything from that list onto the character. Repeat for other items such as hindrances. It's better than nothing, but it's still a bit of work to do.

    As for crystal hearts, your character has a heart made of crystal (it's in the name) that can be swapped out largely between adventures, though potentially even in the middle of combat.

    Each heart has a disposition (usually a hindrance or two), an edge, stat, or skill bonus, and 2-3 powers associated with it. This makes switching a crystal during combat very tedious to do in the middle of combat, as you would need to unload all the things it grants you just to add the new ones in.

    From a racial template sort of thing, it would allow you to create a large suite of NPC's/monsters, and quickly customize them mid-play without needing to create 15 versions of "town guard" that has its template hard coded into it.

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    Well, you can create a note... or story entry.... or anything really.... and then just drag a link to each edge/hindrance/etc.... right there. Then players can read the 'info sheet' and drag each item to their character sheet from one source.

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