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    LFG 2 players 5E DnD Available most days!

    Me and my Buddy have been struggling to find a Ghost of saltmarsh or Similar Themed Campaigns. If anyone has a game going and Needs two players feel free to send me a message!

    FG license: Free
    Time Zone: Est
    Availability:Weekdays around 6PM
    Term: Long-term
    Voice: Discord Preffered.

    Me and my buddy have been playing D&D quite a bit on fantasy grounds I have a few years of experience but my buddy has been playing for much longer then me. We love games with a good mix of Roleplay and combat and love to just make our characters and have fun. So if you want two people dedicated to pushing the game forward and being active members at a game session Just send me a message and I'll get back to you asap.
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    Hey Korthal,

    I wanted to reach because while our game is every Saturday from 1-5 it sounded like you might be a good fit. Our game is looking for 1-2 players set in an aquatic themed campaign within Forgotten Realms. The campaign and story line are homebrew with some more liberties taken with the aquatic rulesets highlighted in the PHB as 40% of the adventures take place beneath the waves. For character creation all Wizards 5e books are allowed and all UA materials from Wizards must be agreed upon first. The group is well rounded with 5 players so you can play what you like (I usually run 6-8 players). The main thing during character development is playing a race or class that at level 9 (the current level of the players) can survive days underwater.

    Now for the fun part, The group started nearly a year ago in the streets of Baldur's Gate where its members were approached by two gentlemen in fanciful clothing seaking workers who would be available to survive the ocean depths. The motley crew of wave riders all having their own reason for wanting to leave the mainland, signed a contract with the two men to begin work for a salvage operation located on the Island of Snowdown. The area once held by pirates and northmen in the last decade had been beseiged by the country of Amn and its merchant navy seeking a point of refueling between the mainland and Chult. The seas around the Moonshaes had always been ripe for crashed ships and pirate activity providing plenty of opportunity to strike it rich or drown below the waves.

    The groups current composition includes two water gensai; one a druid of the circle of the Moon, the other a Cutlass weilding Tempest Cleric devoted to the Pirate God Valkur, a Simic Hybrid Arcane trickester known for safe cracking a mile below the deep, a Lizard Folk barbarian of the storm and an incredibly adept Dragonborn sorcerer who began his life serving a fabled leviathin as a warlock lurker in the deep. All of the group has cut their teeth fighting Sahaugin for the rights to sunken ships, fired cannons on a pirates full of Galleons and chased a cult of devil worshipers through their patron city of Caer Westphael trying to avoid being pulled into politics.

    If this sounds like a game you and your friend would be interested in send me a tell and we'll see about having you join us.


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