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    [LFP]{PF1E}(GMT -5)[Skull & Shackles or Kingmaker]{Sat 11am est}

    FG License: FGU Ultimate
    Game System: Pathfinder 1E

    Time Zone: EST or NT(I am in Newfoundland but will convert times to eastern)
    Day of week and time: Saturday 11 am est
    planned start date: hoping to start May 9th
    Planned Duration & Frequency: about 3-4 hours and weekly
    Term: long term hopefully

    Text or Voice: Discord for voice and text in-between games
    Other software used: Discord
    Will this be recorded and/or live streamed?

    Roleplay & Combat mix: 60/40 mix
    Number of Players in-game & needed: 0 in-game/ 5 needed
    Character starting level & equipment: 1st level and max gold based on class
    Character restrictions: no occult except for kineticist, no 3rd party, no aliens, the KISS principle

    Hello, everyone, I am very new to fantasy grounds but have been enjoying pathfinder for 8 years mostly as a GM. if you would like to join me as I learn this program and hopefully have fun please feel free to reply with any questions or applications here.

    We will either be playing Skull and Shackles or Kingmaker.

    Skull and Shackles
    There's adventure to be had on the high seas when a group of press-ganged strangers seizes a ship and becomes embroiled in the plots and politics of the Shackles—an infamous island chain dominated by pirate warlords. But as these new swashbucklers make names for themselves, rival scalawags, enemy navies, legendary sea monsters, and the infamous Hurricane King himself seek to see them walk the plank. Who will survive when there's glory to plunder?

    The wild and dangerous Stolen Lands lie in the northern reaches of the River Kingdoms, realms ripe for the taking! Yet those who would become rulers of these new lands will soon learn that claiming a kingdom and keeping it are two different beasts. Can the heroes protect their lands from jealous and deadly enemies?

    I homebrew them a little and allow you to choose what you want to do. so if you have played them before feel free to join again just try not to metagame for the familiar parts.


    Time Zone:
    Pathfinder Experience:
    Fantasy Grounds Experience:
    Favorite Character and Story:
    Roleplay/Combat Ratio:
    Willingness to help me learn Fantasy Grounds:
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    I’d love to do it if we could do it on a Monday or Friday.

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    Name/Nickname: Zkais
    License: standard (both FGC & FGU)
    Time Zone: CST
    Pathfinder Experience: Since it came out... (haven't been using Golarian for a few years, been homebrewing pathfinder rules with my world)
    Fantasy Grounds Experience: 4 years
    Favorite Character and Story: been gaming for 30 yrs... so i have a few
    Roleplay/Combat Ratio: not huge fan of murder hobo.... prefer even RP to combat
    Willingness to help me learn Fantasy Grounds: able to aid as much as i can... been DM'ing for 3 yrs on it...

    I would be willing to do saturdays .... and do kingmaker... haven't done that AP ... but did do the first book of Skulls and Shackles and wasn't a huge fan of it...

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    Hi, I'd be interested if we can get it to work out logistically.

    Name/Nickname: Artaron/Art
    License: Full
    Time Zone: UTC+3
    Pathfinder Experience: Played a few adventure modules back in the day, up to level 7. Now playing Pathfinder 2. Good (if rusty) knowledge of the PF1 system and Golarion.
    Fantasy Grounds Experience: Been playing RPGs on FG for 10+ years.
    Favorite Character and Story: There have been quite a few. Currently having a blast with my draconic instinct barbarian. Usually like playing either a magic based character or a martial half caster.
    Roleplay/Combat Ratio: Preference for 40/60. I enjoy the tactical aspect of combat more than social interactions ingame, in which I tend to take a step back. I do enjoy taking part in an immersive, story driven game and world though.
    Willingness to help me learn Fantasy Grounds: Absolutely. Happy to help with whatever you need. testing connection, keyboard shortcuts, best practices, a bit of effect coding, combat etc.
    Game scheduling: Saturday. Best if we could push back by 1 hour.
    AP: Skulls & Shackles. Kingmaker to my understanding is more of a Sandbox game. I prefer a bit more railroady atory driven adventure, and I dig the concept of being a pirate crew.
    Character concept: If Skulls & Shackles either Magus or Storm Druid.

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    Sent a PM to you three

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    Name/Nickname: Patrick/Pat
    License: FGU Ultimate
    Time Zone: Central Time (Currently Daylight time, UTC-5)
    Pathfinder Experience: 4 years
    Fantasy Grounds Experience: None.
    Favorite Character and Story: My regular gaming group has a few stories we tend to retell. "Speak in small letters", the thief with the Rainbow Mohawk...who was also afraid of shadows. The "Pearl of the Heavens".
    Roleplay/Combat Ratio: 50/50. I don't always have character-driven stuff I want to do, but I'll try to play off of others if I happen to be included in their hijinks.
    Willingness to help me learn Fantasy Grounds: I don't really know FG. I've seen a few videos here and there, most of which seem D&D 5E focused. I'd like to join a game so I can actually learn in a practical sense, particularly a Pathfinder 1E game since at least I know the system, even if I don't know FG.
    AP Preference: No real preference. Haven't played either one in actual Pathfinder, played a bit of Kingmaker through the PC game on Steam.
    Time preference: 11AM ET (10AM Central) Saturdays. I'm not available Friday nights.

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    Name/Nickname: Richard / Richie
    License: Demo
    Time Zone: CDT
    Pathfinder Experience: Years
    Fantasy Grounds Experience: Very little
    Roleplay/Combat Ratio: 40/60

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    License:none, but considering upgrading
    Time Zone:CDT or GMT-5
    Pathfinder Experience: I've been playing TTRPG's for about 22 years, I've played and GM'ed more then a few Pathfinder Games
    Fantasy Grounds Experience:none
    Favorite Character and Story:Wheel of Time? Mat?
    Roleplay/Combat Ratio:50/50
    Willingness to help me learn Fantasy Grounds:Lots we can learn together

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    I am interested

    Hi, new to Fantasy Grounds, but not gaming in general.
    But with the 'Rona, you have to adapt!

    Name/Nickname: Timm / Kaidoz
    License: None, but can get whatever is needed.
    Time Zone: Eastern
    Pathfinder Experience: Played for a few years. PF Society
    Fantasy Grounds Experience: NONE!! haha
    Favorite Character and Story: Played a paladin of Jergal who kept a listed name of everyone who died in his presence.
    Roleplay/Combat Ratio: 70/30
    Willingness to help me learn Fantasy Grounds: Hungry for knowledge!

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    If you still have room:

    Name/Nickname: Michelle/Michelle
    License: Standard for both Classic and Unity
    Time Zone: EST
    Pathfinder Experience: Played once or twice a few years ago and read through a lot of the books, but not much up until the past month or so, I've been playing in some society one-shots.
    Fantasy Grounds Experience: Decent. Have been playing in a weekly dnd game for a few weeks now on fantasy grounds, and have been playing a handful of one-shots each week since shut-down.
    Favorite Character and Story: Playing a gnome rogue right now that I'm really enjoying!
    Roleplay/Combat Ratio: 60/50
    Willingness to help me learn Fantasy Grounds: Very happy to help where I can! I've mostly played DnD on it, but hopefully some of that functionality should translate, and I've taken some courses through Fantasy Grounds College (which I'd definitely recommend) that were system agnostic-ish.

    I've always wanted to give Kingmaker a go! But would definitely be interested in Skull & Shackles as well.
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