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    Still need a couple of players 5E Thursday 15:00 UK

    Hi we still have a couple of places in the Thursday PM 5E like a Witcher World setting. Just getting going in 5E so now's the time to jump in and explore the world of Coe 2000 years after the conjunction of the spheres.

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    What would be the session times? I am -5 DST.

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    Hi we are playing Thursdays at 3PM BST let me know if it fits for you.

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    Hey, very interested in joining, I'm UK based too and have been looking for a UK game to play in.

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    Hi I will be around tomorrow if anyone wants to chat or make a character or whatever Ruedas15 #0874

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    ops it's ruedas15#0874
    (I should settle for cap or no cap really)

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    Playing today at 3PM, I will be in the world at 2PM (ish) to check out any new characters, only really looking for 2 new players, possibly 3 atm. See you soon!!

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