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    LFG D&D 5e or Call of Cthulhu

    Hi all

    I have both Full FGC and Ultimate FGU and I am looking a for a group to play D&D with, 2E, 3E 3.5 E or 5E but I am open to pretty much any gaming system as I've tried my hands at a few different ones in the past.

    Time Zone: UTC 0 / GMT +1

    Day(s) of week, frequency, and time: Any Sat, Sun Anytime. Mon, Tues, Wed . 6pm to ~1am.

    Term: Long, short, one-shot

    Voice: Experience with zoom and discord. Wiling to use others.

    I use FG to GM a D&D 5e twice a month. Hoping to get some playtime in as a PC
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