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    Wait for Ikael He recently added the ability to unload the built in effects and modifiers to avoid duplication when you export your own. Maybe he'll add the ability to unload the default items...not sure if it'll be high on his priority list though.

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    With the disclaimer I've never actually tried this, it might be conceivable to delete things (it's still one at a time, so baker's dozen this versus making copies) from the master list? That would still just be on a per-campaign basis since you're just telling your campaign database that any given record is "deleted" despite it actually existing in the real module. That might not even work, but I seem to recall accidentally "deleting" records before.

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    I don't think normal users can. I think they're in the ruleset file which is locked. I feel like you said once you had the password but maybe that was Ikael.

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    As much as I joke about how difficult it would be for me to run SWADE at a physical table IRL after having been spoiled by all the automation in FG, sometimes you have to step back and do things the old fashion way. Any published settings developed for FG will mimic the published books. You don't see too many published settings that duplicate stuff from the core rules. You usually see just new stuff added and notes about what stuff from core is not applicable for the setting. This expects the players to be able to follow those guidelines when making characters. While I have made my own equipment lists for settings, I really can't be bothered to duplicate all the core Edges/Hindrances/Skills just to excise a few while adding a few others to idiot-proof things for my players. Being able to do so easily really isn't high on my list of even "nice to haves" with respect to FG functionality. FG is the best VTT IMHO, but at the end of the day, we aren't creating video games, we are recreating the face-to-face RPG experience online. If you were running a game in person, would you really put the effort into creating a PG for your setting by copy/pasting all the applicable bits from core while leaving out those that aren't? Or are you more likely to create a quick document pointing out the things from core that aren't going to be used?

    Another consideration is that Smiteworks locks the stuff from core in the vault for a reason. I doubt many publishers would be excited about a tool that made it easy for someone to quickly duplicate it's contents in a module that could be shared freely with others. The manual effort involved in the current setup is one of the things that helps reduce piracy.
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    I agree with you Mac. I think we forget sometimes because of the automation but there are many things that come back to "just do it like you would face to face". I've noticed numerous comments lately that it does not stop people from over allocating points when making characters. Well, other than the GM no one does that offline either. Also if I had a house rule that allows 6 points to be spent on Attributes anything they add to enforce the 5 points had better allow customization. At the end of the day we need to remember it's a program to simulate playing at a table and not an AI to replace the GM

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