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    more bugs if you target a creature and then the dm removes that token, you cannot remove that target now, the dm needs to clear it looks like

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    another bug if you have a heal that does not require a die roll, you cannot drop it on an icon to heal you have to explicitly target the icon then press the heal button.

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    Thanks for the feedback so far. Could you provide exact steps to recreate the duplicate token and duplicate pointer issues? We haven't been able to recreate locally.


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    Create/load a map with LOS data the map MUST be in windowed mode
    Open the combat tracker add some token ( happens with both NPC and PC tokens)
    Have more than 1 player join the campaign and take over a token
    Drop them on the map so they cannot see each other
    Start moving them around.
    Or create pointers in a space where they have no LOS and move them around

    In our case the common setup was

    Map had LOS on but mask setting did not matter ( note we did not test with LOS off )
    Map has to be in windowed mode if you maximized the map window the duplicates get cleared and wont show up again.
    Only happens on players map, our DM has never seen it on his end
    Must be more than 1 player, never been able to repro with just 1 dm and 1 player
    Might be related to moving quickly into areas where you did not have LOS or creating tokens in areas where you dont have LOS.

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    Are you still seeing this in the build released on June 6th?

    I just tried to set up a GM and 2 players on the same map owning tokens separated by an LoS wall; and creating pointers on GM and both players as well as moving tokens and pointers on GM and both players. I didn't see any duplication.

    If still seeing duplication, perhaps you can create short video showing the issue?


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    Hmm, I actually experienced this issue last week on Classic. I had no idea how to resolve it so my game ended prematurely. If anyone has a workable solution, I'd really appreciate it.

    From what I can tell, it happens when the GM and players try to move the same tokens.

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    I had the same issue when i was playing around, 5e rule set in FGU

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    Can anyone confirm whether they are still seeing this error with the July 14 (or later) build? Thanks.

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    I ran a session in Saturday, didn't see the issue, but will let y'all know if it happens agaun

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    Quote Originally Posted by bmos View Post
    I've seen this happen as a DM, although it will go away when I move the token.
    Windows 10 64-bit. PF1e ruleset.
    I saw it too, but was not sure what happened.

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