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    A couple of questions.

    I live in Taiwan and only have keyboards that show Chinese characters(so this might be the problem) but I can't find how to make the symbol between pace and run in this expression. (the vertical line).

    [Pace|Run -2]

    It might be they replaced the symbol on the keyboard with the Chinese character. Can someone help me with the key strokes?

    The second question is about reach in the items. A spear has a reach of 1 in savage worlds (which translates to 2 in Fantasy grounds) can you change this in the weapon or do you change it in the combat tracker each time they change weapons?

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    I do not know anything about your keyboard, but the pipe symbol | is the key right above the enter key on an standard US keyboard it looks like 2 vertical dashes. Hold shift, and hit the farthest right key, right above the enter key and see if that does it.

    If you are using SWADE and players guide, just make a copy of the spear and edit the copy to what ever reach you need, or just use the spear\javelin which has a ranged reach of 3\6\12.

    Holy Crap, I just looked at some Chinese keyboards, you use one of those round ones? Sorry, I can't even suggest anything if you do.
    You can try the alt code of 124, hold down alt key and press 124 on the numeric keypad, when you release the pipe will show up..
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    Thanks GaryMon. I tried doing that with spear but it has reach 1 and doesn't change the reach of the character (still shows 1 on the combat tracker).

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    Just curious, when you added the copied spear to the PC, did you remove the PC from the combat tracker and reinsert the PC with the new spear on it?
    I have noticed that if I make changes to the character sheet of something that is also in the combat tracker, it doesn't update the combat tracker. I have to remove and add again to get it to update.

    I am new to FGU, so I may be doing something wrong as well....
    FGU Ultimate License. Just getting my feet wet, so far.

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    Thanks I will try that when I get home. Thanks for all the advice.

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    I still can't make it work. Also it seems the staff entry for the basic weapons is missing the reach propertySpear and staff.png

    I have given the mage a spear as that has the reach property, then added him to the combat tracker and it still shows a reach of 1 square.reach.png

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    I think that's because if you have reach 0 it shows the same squares being highlighted because technically you can attack someone adjacent to you. If you make the reach 2 it should change the highlighted squares. It's unfortunately how FG shows the information. I just tell my players that if they have a reach 1 weapon that they could attack someone adjacent to one of those highlighted squares

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