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    General thoughts on current build

    Overall I'm looking forward to diving into this ruleset and finally running a game but there's a few things I've noticed and I didn't see a sticky post for bugs and stuff.

    1 - When creating a custom occupation is there a way to add more than 8 skills to the list?
    2 - The sheet isn't wide enough when adding details to the skills and there's no way to add occupation skills except through a preexisting occupation.
    3 - There is a a disconnect between info on the character sheets and the info that is shown on the party sheet, when changing Sanity, resetting from the party sheet, or clicking the boxes for temporary or indefinite insanity it doesn't change it on the character sheet
    4 - You can't change the width of the character sheet at all.
    5 - Table, Chat frame, & Body Text are the only paragraph types that work on the character sheet notes tab.

    There may be some others but adding Occupational Skills and the Party Sheet not updating properly are two big ones that I hope someone is at least aware of if not currently working on.

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    Hi Seaval,

    Thanks for taking the time to post.
    1. AFAIK occupations all have 8 skills. If there is a need for more, it could be arranged, but I think it is not.
    2. It is always a balance between cs width and screen space, the cs is already pretty wide compared to other rulesets... occupation skills are defined in the occupation. That was a design decision.
    3. I will check this and see if I can fix it.
    4. True.
    5. The notes tab uses a standard formattedtext field, so there should be no special restrictions.



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