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    Hi. Just downloaded the extension and checked it out. Has been really good so far. Like it a lot. I did notice the traits that come on your character sheet are just the race tab and not the actual trait. For example, I built a goliath and the traits: mountain born, powerful build and stone's endurance just took me to the race (goliath) and I had to scroll down to the abilities and click on the info button there to see what it did. The features seem to be working good though. Also it would be great to be able to pull over the parcels from Rob2e module that has the backgrounds and class inventory parcels into the character build. Not a big deal to do after in the character sheet but would be nice to do everything in one place. Trying a spell caster next. Great extension so far.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Haer View Post
    Ok i must be dumb, but where do i download this extension? I see the attached file and paper clip image, but theres nothing to click on to download the extension? Thanks for any help.
    Haer, I had an issue like that where the FG forums were loaded with the wrong vBulletin theme (it was is white/blue), and attachment download links weren't showing up. I fixed it by deleting my cookies for and refreshing; after that, the correct FG-based brown/orange theme loaded and forum posts displayed properly.

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