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    Extension - Add buttons to modifier

    I was asked by a friend on discord if it was possible to add the combat modifier buttons to the modifier box similar to how the 5e ruleset has the ADV/DIS +5/-5, etc. So I made this little extension to add the 4e modifiers. I was asked not to move the dice, it was intended that the DM/players would unlock and move the modifier box. If anyone thinks it would be helpful to have a version with the dice moved over out of the way, I can make another version with that.

    The modifier buttons added are
    Attack - Combat Adv.
    Attack - Opportunity
    Damage - Critical
    Damage - Half
    Sup. Cover
    Total Conc.

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    Thanks Mattekure!

    Works great and very convenient!

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    Second that!
    Thank you very much Mattekure

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