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    Yes, that's great. Thanks a ton.

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    Update to v2.9.22.1 - Torchbearer


    Like the Themes title suggests,
    I will pass on the torch for Hearth to others. Namely Justin Freitas and the Unofficial Developers Guild.
    Unfortunately I'm no longer able to maintain the theme in a reliable fashion (have been for some time now as you know).

    Thus I have decided to step down as a maintainer. I'm not gone mind you, I just want to lift the increasingly heavy feeling of guilt that has been weighting on me for some time now.
    I may or may not contribute to Hearth Theme in the future if I feel like it.

    Please give a cheerful "HipHip Hooray" to Justin Freitas. I strongly believe he is the perfect fit to further improve Hearth.

    That being said, here comes the changelog, all thanks to Justin and seanmccarty. This is where you cheer again please .

    Taking a long rest.
    Sir Motte

    • Color fixes for OSE tabs Class, Data, Rolls.
    • OSE fix for 2E derived groupbox (Race Main tab)
    • New CoreRPG icons and fixes
    • Fix for tintable expand/collapse buttons in reference.
    • Removed empty windowclass.
    • Fix for chat wait. Adjust graphic canvas height 30px shorter 60x61, not 69x91
    • Extraneous comment close fix and also addition of mattekure's Timer extension
    • Reference large should be theme color FFF0CA
    • Fix for 5e CT subgroupbox frame (i.e. effects, offense, etc)
    • Fix for Sound sidebar icon color.
    • Charlist bubble was hard to see with easel icon, switching to normal cirle
    • Fixes for Output Record To Chat, including font color and frame colors.
    • Fix for Linker extension sidebar button.
    • OSE Fixes for spells.
    • OSE spell main tweaks
    • Use the lighter cream color instead of the yellow on the chat wait indictor. Now it matches the Dice Tray and other UI elements.
    • Fix for PFRPG2 Activities tab... colors are right now but the font should be changed to the standard Hearth font.
    • Update to CT for OSE to prevent the width going to small. Also, moved the DayTracker option button near the Round Counter to avoid confusion with the normal CT menu.
    • Account for CT Defense Item width in the CT minimum width.
    • Make hover icons use the primary light cream color instead of yellow to ,atch the rest of the UI.
    • Temporary graphic fixes, including the Height font color (wasn't able to adjust font color so changed background instead).
    • Remove button definitions for RequestedRolls (seanmccarty)
    • Added button definition that controls tintable icon colors. Used by RequestedRolls to set icon colors in a theme independent manner. (seanmccarty)
    • Move extraneous windowclasses from CoreRPG to their correct locations in 4e and PFRPG2.
    • Chat frame optimizations and also token name label fix like height.
    • For GM text, use the creamy primary font color instead of bright yellow. Has a much better match and isn't used for any other chat messages (player chat, whisper, etc).
    • Added lots of fixes and additional buttons to 5e, 4e, Core and OSE2
    • Added PFRPG2-Legacy support which was causing some of the theme elements to not be recognized.


    Fantasy Grounds Forge (Recommended)
    (Run an update using the FG Client if you're already subscribed):


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    v2.9.22.1 is just some fixes to support the PFRPG2-Legacy ruleset that was causing some display issues. Didn't wanna deal with a full release so I just bumped the build number and added the new addition to the bottom of the changelist. Lemme know if issues, thanks.

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    Thanks for your hard work, this is awesome.
    Discord @mrddt

    Really click this link and vote for your FGU wishes, more votes is more likely to get done and get what you want done.
    Vote For Idea to Default Modules to GM Only
    Vote For Idea to Give GM More Hotkey Options
    Vote For Idea to Disable Dice Animations

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    Quote Originally Posted by MrDDT View Post
    Thanks for your hard work, this is awesome.
    You are welcome! Happy to help. Was only a small change this time but didn't wanna sit on it and instead just push it out.

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    Does this theme work with DnD 4e? I remember really enjoying it with 5e, but I tried it the other day with 4E and i wasn't able to read any of the feats or powers. The font color and window backgrounds were the same color or something.

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    The Theme_SirMotte_Hearth\graphics\pngs\portrait.png file is causing any portrait with transparency to get the dotted line circle to bleed through into the background of the portrait. This is the base background of the portrait which shows up when no portrait is present or when a portrait is present its the background.

    Having graphics in there means it becomes the background of any transparent part of a portrait. I would suggest having a more neutral background. For example this is what happens in my games with transparent portraits (see places I put red square around - though you can see bleed through in other portraits there also)...

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    Ok... I'm gonna remove the dashed circle and the question mark, considering that people are using portraits with transparency. I've always just made sure my portraits are exact squares with no transparency but we can't count on all user's doing that either.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JustinFreitas View Post
    Ok... I'm gonna remove the dashed circle and the question mark, considering that people are using portraits with transparency. I've always just made sure my portraits are exact squares with no transparency but we can't count on all user's doing that either.
    There may be more to this than I realized as I tried to edit your portrait.png, portrait_token.png, and portriat_mini.png where I dropped them in Paint 3D and just erased the inside dotted circle and question mark then filled it with the black background color already there. But it seemed to yield bizarre results to the portraits and tokens (big white blots with very small images in center). So just a heads up - may some weirdness in how you edit those .png files and store them (sizing or something).
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    Thanks. I made the changes on my dev branch and they seem fine. I’ll double check again tonight. Prolly push out the update if all is well.

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