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    [Theme] 5E - SirMotte's Magnificent Darkness

    Current Version: Beta 2.6 - Plucked Horse
    Latest detailed changelog - May 13th, 2021
    More Extensions supported, lots of new icons (mostly radial menu) + other bits'n pieces.

    You can find me on the Grim Press or Fantasy Grounds Discord, or message me there directly using Sir Motte#1305

    Special Contributors

    Big shoutout to MeAndUnique and Saagael for their invaluable help with .xml and .lua code. Without them this theme wouldn't evolve any further.
    They continue to contribute to the theme, so make sure to shower them with praise! .


    Hello fellow Adventurers,
    I proudly present to you my take on a dark, reduced and calm Fantasy Grounds Unity user-interface for Dungeons and Dragons 5E.
    It is based on the official Simple Grey Theme, but has undergone heavy changes. While the Theme is 5E focused, it might work for other rulesets too, though I don't provide support (yet).

    Who is it for?

    This theme should appeal to anyone who likes a dark and clean UI.
    It is useful if you tend to play in dimmed light conditions and don't want to melt your eyes with the rather bright official themes.
    It is also not your generic grey in dark grey dark theme, but has a little twist in how I chose colors.

    Image Preview (slightly outdated)


    Video Preview (slightly outdated)


    • Reduced, dark color palette.
    • Eye-friendly contrasts for good readability even with small fonts (at least 7:1).
    • Redone UI elements. No soft edges, no rounded corners, no 3D Effects, no textures - simple, flat and clear.
    • Fonts replaced with Roboto Sans.
    • Font sizes and colors adjusted.
    • Color Coded Action Buttons for ease of use.
    • Script enhanced raidal menu that features more unique icons than normaly possible. Big thank you to Saagael.
    • Removed link Icons in Hotkey Bar - brought to you by MeAndUnique!
      Info: You have to relink already placed hotbar links to make the icon disappear.

    Supported Extensions

    Please be aware that not all extensions need dedicated support, only those that add custom graphics assets and font colors.
    If an extension you use is not on this list, chances are it will be added soon, or doesn't need extra treatment and works out of the box.

    Grim Press:

    • Polymorphism by Silent Ruin
    • Combat Groups by Silent Ruin
    • Map Parcel by Silent Ruin
    • Generic Actions by Silent Ruin
    • Equipped Effects by Silent Ruin
    • Assistant GM by Silent Ruin
    • Generic Actions by Silent Ruin

    Team Twohy:

    • Mad Nomad's Character Sheet Tweaks
    • Mad Nomad's Character Sheet Effects Display
    • Mad Nomad's Character Sheet Journal
    • Mad Nomad's Coin Manager
    • Mad Nomad's Party Combat Stats
    • Mad Nomad's Enhanced Encounter Window
    • Portals Revamped by DiabloBob
    • NPC Random Treasure Drops by pr6i6est (Troy Monteith)
    • Automatic Record Links by pr6i6est (Troy Monteith)
    • 5E - Coin Converter by Mattekure

    Free Extensions:

    • Death Indicator Ex by Silent Ruin (small issue with truncated text if NPC is important)
    • Player Agency by damned
    • Sharing is Caring by damned
    • Halt! by damned
    • ReadyCheck by Celestian
    • Audio Overseer by Celestian
    • RFIA - Roll for Initiative Addon by Houndy
    • Floating Tabs by Scried Raven
    • Constitutional Amendmends by MeAndUnique
    • Extended Rest by MeAndUnique
    • Combat Highlighter by DaddyOgreman / Ogremandude
    • Attunement Tracker by DMSanctum
    • Extended Language Fonts by Mattekure
    • Sign Language Fonts by Mattekure
    • TTRPG Safety Toolkit by Mattekure
    • Token Height Indication by GKEnialb
    • Local Dice Tower by Thomas Delaplain (Minty23185Fresh)
    • Clock Adjuster by pr6i6est (Troy Monteith) and bmos (Icons only)
      -> The much requested Clock Adjuster will receive an official update by bmos soon to make it compatible with any theme.
      -> You can grab an already adjusted version by MeAndUnique in its Forums Thread!
    • Mad Nomad's 3rd Party Updater
      -> Both the extension itself is now supported with custom buttons and updates are available through it too.
      -> Please keep in mind that the list is slow to update, so better check my forums page regularily.
    • 5E Legendary Assistant by Stv
    • Combat Timer by Zygmunt Molotch

    Compatibility Information

    Please keep in mind that the supported extensions are not necessarily compatible with each other. You have to make sure of this yourself.

    • If you are using Better Menus by Celestian, make it load after my Theme by adjusting the loadorder to 1501 or higher.
    • Font extensions have to use a loadorder of 1501 or higher to overwrite my theme. They will probably break font colors though.

      In general it is advised to have my theme load last at all times, but for special cases like this.

    Planned Features, Known Problems and Future Plans

    Please see the GitHub project file for information on what's going on with the theme.


    The theme was developed at 120 cd/m screen brightness in AdobeRGB color space.
    Most monitors ship with brighter factory settings and can't use the full adobe spectrum, so keep in mind that what you look at probably doesn't look exactly like I had intended too.

    Get Involved

    Tell me what you think of the Theme, voice your opinions, make requests, don't be shy!
    Found an Error? Please see post #3 below.

    The troops need coffee M'lord! Want to sponsor the war effort?
    PayPal War Chest

    Want to gift me something on Dungeons Masters Guild instead?
    Here's my E-Mail and here you can find my Wishlist

    Hall of Fame

    • Whispers in the kings hall, the traveling bards, puffers on the street, voices at the regulars' table, the birds in the trees; They all sing praise to the one Aridhro, who made sure the army's soldiers won't use adrenaline during battle, but solely move on caffeine alone.
    • The warriors raise a freshly brewed toast to cmtpcm, who contributed to the cause with a large gift of coffee!
    • The Valkyries cheer, for their master has spread his wealth and name to support the cause. MadNomad!
    • Hushed voices whisper a glorious name. A supporter that aided the cause! Did you hear it too?
    • The scribes bow their heads in awe to, MeAndUnique, Saagael, mattekure, Superteddy57, Styrmir, damned and Trenloe for their help and ingenuity with complex scripture.
    • Wisdom poured by CMYKMatter and Drowbe tastes rich and founded.

    Thank you and Cheers
    Sir Motte

    Download and Project files

    Release Branch - Github Download

    Dev Branch - Github Download - Expect oddities like missing graphics or unfinished stuff if you decide to use this version.
    You can find the Theme Projectpage on Github.
    You can follow my To-Do List and Progress here.

    How to Install

    Download the .ext file from Github and put it into the extensions folder inside your FGU data folder. Start FGU and activate the extension in the launcher on the campaign details page (Theme: Hearth).
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    Reporting Issues

    Either describe where and what, and/or simply send a screenshot that illustrates the problem.


    • FGC or FGU?
      - FGC: There is no support by me, sorry, the theme is purely FGU based.
      - FGU: Did you make sure my Theme loads after other extensions? It uses a loadorder value of 1500. In rare cases other extensions need to load after my theme (like Better Menus).

    • Are you on the latest version of FG and the Theme?

    • Are you sure you don't have duplicates in the extension folder or other themes active at the same time?

    • Are you using the 5E ruleset?
      - Yes: Read below
      - No: Right now I do not support other rulesets but please report here anyway. I just might fix it, if it's not difficult to do so.

    • Have an Error-Log?
      use /console in chat to bring up the console again in case you closed it already.
    • Got me a screenshot?

    • Are you using other extensions?
      - Yes: Does the error still occur when you disable all other extensions?
      - Yes: What is/are the conflicting extension/s?
      - No: Read below

    • When does the error occur and is it tied to a specific interface component?

    • Is the error reliably reproducible?
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    Great work there.

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    Well it’s certainly dark
    If you need to contact customer support or if there is something that you would like to see in Fantasy Grounds that isn't currently part of the software or if there is something you think would improve a ruleset then add your idea here

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    Quote Originally Posted by viresanimi View Post
    Great work there.
    Thanks! It will only get better .

    Quote Originally Posted by Zacchaeus View Post
    Well it’s certainly dark
    Yes it is! I added some information on screen brightness, as this theme is very sensitive in this regard.
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    Funny how a skin change can make something look 'old' or 'modern'. This looks modern.
    Fantasy Grounds Unity Lives! Good job, Smiteworks!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Three of Swords View Post
    Funny how a skin change can make something look 'old' or 'modern'. This looks modern.
    Thank you very much. I'm kinda shooting for a more modern look.
    Later down the line I may introduce a version that is a little bite more dynamic, talking simple color gradients and the like. No promises though .
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    Update to v0.7

    - Added missing Icons (still some to be done)
    - minor changes to colors
    - minor changes to icons
    - changes to font sizes
    - changes to font colors
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    Looking good! I'll have to give it a try.

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